11Th Edition: Ebira Carnival 2021 | Venue, Date, Time

Ebira Carnival

Ebira Carnival 2021 Date is scheduled to hold in Okene December 30th 2021. It is very colorful, memorable, and highly attractive.

As the most populated city in Kogi State, it always witnesses a large turnout of spectators from Neighboring Tribe and Diaspora.

During this cultural carnival, there is an exposition of the culture and tradition of Ebira People through dance, costumes with its remarkable body paints, and colorful fashion, the participant’s parades through the streets amidst cheers and songs. 
Ebira Carnival
Ebira cultural carnival is not restricted to Ebira People; it is open to others from various parts of the country and beyond who enjoys participating in a lively event of such magnitude. Historians and journalists utilize the opportunity to make documentaries of the cultural heritage of the people.

When is Ebira Carnival 2021?

When is the 2021 Ebira Carnival? The 2021 Ebira Carnival runs over December ending starting from 29 to 31st Yes you heard that right its 3 Days of celebrating that begins on the 29th December and finishes on New Year’s Eve the 31st December.

Ebira Carnival – The pride of North Central

We are proud to present you with one of the best carnivals in the North Central Nigeria Ebira Carnival! Forget about celebrating carnival in other part of the state and instead head to North Central biggest party. Ebira Carnival is described as being ‘the pride of North Central’!

The Ebira Carnival is without a doubt the biggest, best and longest tourism event in North Central Nigeria. It attracts many travellers and features participants from different tribes. The Street Parade is even broadcast to a television audience.

Ebira Carnival

How Is Ebira Carnival Celebrated?

North Central best carnival Ebira Carnival is 3 Days long celebration filled with exciting events. The highlight of Ebira Carnival is the Street Parade that features many program’s. The Parade is only a slither of Ebira Carnivals attractions. There are ceremonies, concerts, art shows, street parties, masque events, sporting events and non-stop parties.

Ebira Carnival Ebira Food Expo

Do not miss the Ebira Carnival Ebira Food Expo! This an absolute highlight of carnival! You will be able to try some amazing meals that you have most likely never had before! The air is filled with so many intoxicating aromas.

Where to stay in Okene?

There are plenty of hotel options in Okene from budget all the way to luxurious hotels. Prices range from 5,000 to 200,000 a night. We recommend booking early because over 1 million people attend this carnival and it’s also during the Christmas period!.
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Ebira Carnival

What is the History Of Ebira Carnival?

The Ebira Carnival group sincerely appreciate your support over the years.

Preparation for the 10th Edition of the Carnival has begun.

This year Carnival is unique , as we mark the 10th Anniversary of showcasing our rich cultural heritage and bringing together the good people of Ebiraland, both home and in diaspora.

Ebiraland has become an annual destination for tourists, and the last ten years with the support of all has changed our sociocultural landscape.

This year’s Pre-Carnival Picnic is expected to be memorable as families and their loved ones are expected to pack their full picnic basket, mats and games to experience unadulterated nature at its best at the Akumari Plain by Agasa-Upogoro boundary.

It is noteworthy that the Akumari Plain is famous for its rich hunting resources. It is an easy ground for hunting wild birds, antelopes and other games.
Ebira Carnival

The serenity of the plain and the breathtaking vicinity is further beautified by sprouting Cactuses steadily fanned by the gentle breeze from the overlooking Age’Iruku Mountain… it’s an experience you’ll hate to miss.

Ebira Carnival 2021 Date

To mark this year event, the Carnival programmes have been scheduled as follows:

Date: 29th Dec, 2021 || Pre-Carnival Picnic.
Venue: Akumari Plains, Behind LGSS Agasa-Upogoro, Okene

Date: 30th Dec,2021 – Gala/Award Night with Concert.
Showcasing the Past, present and the future,as we also Award those that have supported the Carnival over the years.

Date: 31st Dec,2021 – The street parade and Grand Command Reception.

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