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31 Winners of Natasha Akpoti Poetry Challenge And Their Poems



31 Winners of Natasha Akpoti Poetry Challenge  And Their Poems
Natasha’s Birthday Challenge 3 is : POETRY 🖊

₦10,000 each for the top 10 voted poems that best evoke a narrative using my picture below.

This time around, the public shall be part judges. Part in the sense that we at the backend will ensure the 10 ten voted poems deserve the wins.

Here are the Winners of the Poetry Challenge with over 11,000 Comments.

Winners of Natasha’s Poetry Challenge

Wow… my team and I had to literally read thousands of poems amidst 12k comments .

No doubt, this was one of the most challenging reviews ever because YOU ALL WERE ASTRONOMICALLY FANTASTIC.

For that, I decided to award 31 instead of 10 poets with ₦10,000 each.

So if you’re listed, kindly share your poem on your page and tag me for all to read. I intend to print, frame and hang them on my walls .

And we wrap up our birthday challenge for 2020 with Haleemah Abdul’s poem titled “Do Not Stop Me”.

Many thanks for participating and may God usher us safely into the new year with great health and prosperity.

1. Ufedo Ojo
2. Bello AbdulRahman
3. Okechukwu Callistus
4. Caleb Ohinoyi
5. Balogun Adinoyi Kenny
6. Skert El
7. De Great Mus’Ab Ochika
8. Prince Onijabel
9. Ibrahim Suphy King
10. Hauwer Ibro
11. Hakeem Muhammed Makafan
12. Ibrahim Zuhainat Binaaz
13. Divine Favour
14. Balogun Adavize Lawrence
15. Mary Obari
16. Umar Adam
17. Hauwa Usman Ummi Arshbah
18. Theophilus Audu
19. Hrm Egwumad Debby Gold
20. Sanni Adagiri Yaaqub
21. Vicky Ekong
22. Ola Rewaju
23. Sule Abubakar Lucky Mark
24. Ismaila Odumburu Emmanuel
25. Israel Onu-Maria Odiba
26. Asuku
27. Beel Qees
28. Mhiz Napheesah Ozioma
29. OY Yayu Achana
30. Otuoze K. E. Esther
31. Haleemah Abdul

Balogun Adavize Lawrence Poem

My heart can’t help but be honest.
You’re a blend of beauty at its best.
My soul sings a song of sincerity.
You are the sole definition of superiority.
I operate with an objectivity so obstinate.
You depict the desperation of beauty’s dictates.
My pen breathes without an iota of bias.
You’re supreme when we talk style and class.
Your personality is a picture of perfection.
With you, charm can never lose her orientation.
Your complexion commands excellence.
Awesomeness armed with vivid vehemence.
Purity peeps through your pores.
Admirers remain a queue of scores.
Your body oozes eloquence and elegance.
Several eyes will feed beyond just a glance.
My heart can’t help but be honest.
You’re a blend of beauty at its best.
My soul sings a song of sincerity.
You’re the sole definition of superiority.

Balogun Adavize Lawrence

Asuku Poem

😇NATASHA— Half Angel😇

She is the summed up pack of the seven colors of the rainbow,
She is the beautiful tune composed with heavenly orchestras,
She is the joy that comes when the wind announcing winter blows,
She is the joyful hum in the heart of a farmer harvesting bountiful yams.

She is the deep wide smile glimmering from the face of a pleased mother,
She is the tender, hope-giving morning sun that illume and embellish faces,
She is the soft slow laughter flickering from the lips of a proud father,
She is the sweet aroma from jollof rice that hugs the nose of a famished child in a warm embrace.

She is that refreshing pure wine lubricating the organs of the tired,
She is that happy, genuine smile glowing on the physiognomy of a naive babe,
She is that healing, soothing, cooling balm rubbed on the heart of the wounded,
She is that heavily sapient words flowing out of the mouth of a great sage.

She is what a good painter does with colors,
She is what a good lawyer does with words,
She is what a good singer does with voice,
She is what a good writer does with pen.


Divine Favour Poem

Watching you being kind to others glued my heart❤
Hadiza a woman who detects what the problem is and finds solutions instantly ❤❤
I’ve always wondered if an angel escaped to earth without God’s awareness 👑
A lovely soul with the face of an Angel ❤
A woman who’s up to date
Queen moremi of our time
A woman who refines noble in all situations
A woman with logical decisions
A lighthearted woman
A perfect example to all upcoming women

You are so attractive both inside aNd outside
Your eyes shinny like a gold is inside
Every single quality you display shows how compassionate and delicate you are
You being brave makes me proud
A goddess on earth
A woman in place oF a man
A woman who’s beauty a man can’t behold
A calm soul ❤❤
If I were a man I would roll at your feet just for a peck ❤
Your reflection only would make millions of Goliath tremble

A brave queen who doesn’t need a king to perform all her functions perfectly ❤👑

Words can’t describe your beauty you are a kingqueen❤👑👑

Ola Rewaju Poem

Natasha H Akpoti The Great one🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️
I call u
👉A Great mentor
👉A Brilliant Leader
👉A Rising Star
👉My Role model


The Love you shared to the multitude is just like a river,
A never ending stream.
A genuine Love from ur Precious heart
To answer people dreams even without you knowing them all.✊💚

It’s a never a ending story;
Your Love is never a lie.
Neither is it an hypocritic Love,
You can share in all in your glory,
For your love will never die.🤲❤️

Your Love is all around Everyone,
Just like the moon and stars above.
Love is a gift from God,
But u are an earthly Definition of Love.❤️💚💜💙💛🤍

You are what Singers sing in their song🎶
You are what preachers preach in their word✨
You are what writers write with their pen💢
You are what painters paint with their brush🌟

Words can’t Express how
👉Precious, 🤎
👉Meek, 💚
👉Cool, 💋
👉Caring, 💕
👉and even how beautiful you are😘😘

You are a Real GEM 💎
A good example ✊
A true Leader ❤️
A virtuous woman💜
You are too much!🥰🥰

My Great mentor💚💚
May God continue to Bless you Abundantly Ma

Beel Qees Poem

There’s no chance, faith, no destiny
Can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.

A woman who faces
What she must with step triumphant and a heart full of cheer
Who fights the daily battle
Without fear
Sees her hope fail yet keeps unfaltering trust
That God is God who’s always true and just

A woman full of charms
Eyes brighter than a thousand stars
A smile so enchanting and captivating with powers to win souls

Where honour greets d man who wins;
I write of her who vanquishes terror
And struggles on through weary years
Here lies a soldier whom all must applaud.

This art is from someone who loves and adores u immensely ma’am.

Ibrahim Zuhainat Binaaz Poem

Patient and steady with all she bear, ready to meet every challenge with care, easy in manner yet solid as steel, strong in her faith, refreshingly real, isn’t afraid to propose what is bold, doesn’t conform to the usual mold, eye’s that have foresight for hindsight won’t do

Never backs down when sees what is true, tells its straight and means it all too, going forward and knowing she’s right even when doubted for why she would fight, over and over she makes her case clear, reaching to touch the ones who won’t hear

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Growing in strength, she won’t be unnerved, ever assuring she will stand by her word, wanting the world to join her firm stand, bracing for war but praying for peace, using her power so evil will cease

So much a leader and worthy of truth, here stand a woman inform of man who will do what she must my golden mama Natasha H Akpoti

Israel Onu-Maria Odiba Poem

STRONG: Natasha H Akpoti

Her voice, sweeter than buttercream
– Salty words won’t pucker her song,
Honey bees follow her adoringly –
The kindest person ever to come along

Her face, fair with gorgeous smiles
– A tornado couldn’t knock her down,
Tree trunks turn green with jealousy –
She’s the strongest person in town

Her eyes, alight with warm welcome
– a blackout wouldn’t dim her glow,
Lesser stars shrink away in envy –
She’s the friendliest person to know

She’ll protect anyone who needs it,
Forgive the most egregious slight
Faced with anger, she won’t feed it
Full of grace, she’s everything right

Somehow, she’s still tornado strong
Naysayers know she’ll rise once more
Her trust might need a little time but
When she’s ready, glowing, she’ll soar

Vicky Ekong Poem

Title: IF

If you and I knew that
a little show of courage
will change ones thought forever

If you and I knew that a few words of encouragement
could make ones life feel better

If you and I knew another step of courage in the face of adversity could rewrite history later.

Oh! If only you and I could let love lead us so we can enjoy peace forever.

Umar Adam Poem


A woman who sets paces and plans ahead of a brightest tomorrow,
A humble learner, who is diplomatic enough to transform an imminent sorrow.
A mythical beast, who still admires and respects an Elephant,
An astute Democrat, who loathes the rules of absolute tyrant.

A woman-of endless energies and valor,
A well disciplined Woman who gives no room for squalor.
A woman of dignified principles who never surrenders or retreats,
And in whatever circumstances, never give up to any defeat.
She believes in the abilities to turn things around,
And a solution provider, she’s equipped enough to keep all problems aground.

A rare gem who always appears glowing in her queenly textiles.
A truest lover of progress and a sincere motivator,
Whose sharp brains works accurately than a scientific calculator.
An astute diplomat and idealist that manufactures great thoughts,

In her heart, untainted love grows and affection trends.
Her Angelic eyes are always curious to have a glance,
Anytime she talks and birds in the skies uniformly dance.
She’s a shining star in a broad daylight,
And a beautiful moon, that illuminates a lifeless night.

Although, people believed mammoth wealth makes a meaningful life,
But her intention is to make life more bearable for all and thrive.
‘Nigeria will get better’; this has always being her belief,
Making outstanding analysis that oils your minds with relief.
You are a role model, a mentor to many and a righteous woman with admirable qualities.

©️Kheeng _Adam✍️👑

Sule Abubakar Lucky Mark Poem

•Ode to a Beauty Goddess•
I frolick to the forest of words like a mirthful elf,
To tug titillating, riveting words myself.
Let me put on my lucent poetic spectacle,
So I can chant the eulogy of a Queen.

O’ ye fairest among women,
The skylarks proclaim of your beauty,
For you’re more temperate and lovely;
And with glee, the birds of the air eulogise your comeliness.

Your smile is an iridescent candelabra,
which brightens many gloomy hearts;
And your words are the soothing elixir,
that restore hope to the hopeless.
The velvety texture of your skin,
The soft, angelic voice of yours,
Your idyllically silky fur,
your luminous enamel,
all endear you to us, O’ ye Queen.

O’ ye Queen of all Queens,
From the tip of your hair
to the shoot of your toe,
You are the epitome of magnanimity.
Your feet divide the ocean of
man’s inhumanity to man,
and we now wallow in the
whirlwind of ecstasy.
all hail thee, O’ ye Queen.

In your vein,
We’re all one.
You stigmatise none:
No Igala, Ebira, Okun;
For you’re not tribalistic!

In our political arena,
Thou art the undying Lion.
Despite the elephantine betrayal
and deathless murder,
You stand unruffled, unscathed.

O’ ye Saviour to the oppressed,
With flexuously jiggly strides
you traverse the earth,
As you fight masses’ oppressors
with a clenched fist and gritted teeth.
All hail thee!

You are the undying Lion in the jungle,
in the blanket of gism you ensconce,
and in the carapace of Almighty you dwell;
as you embolden the hopeless,
as you revivify the depleted,
and as you resuscitate the living dead.

O’ ye Queen of all Queens,
Today, the nightingale lends me his voice,
and the skylark is here to compose
a frabjous lyrics for you.
Dance to the rhythm of my riveting poetry,
Wiggle your alluring hips to my tuneful melody,
For it is the medicine to our grisly malady.

Today, I’ve come with my flute
to chant your eulogy,
and to tell the world of your rare qualities;
For you’re the goddess of beauty!

Prince Onujabel Poem

A superb diamond field waits to be discovered by us all

We will find it within our heart and within our soul
Too often these precious stones are left too far behind
To chase pleasures and money with our body and mind

A bit like the farmer who left farm, family and friends

To search for gold and diamonds in faraway lands
It was only a year later, on his farm, just in the ground
That a huge diamond mine was actually found.

Oh yes my friends, in our heart and soul, deep inside

A bit hidden, lies the biggest field of peace, joy and light
So throw away the worry, stress and fear, play it smart
The biggest source of peace sits right there in our heart

Okechukwu Callistus Poem

A woman of dignity ! Her beauty shines from the inside out,her smile shines beautifully like the sun rising .
Her intelligence,hardworking and wisdom is second to none ,
You are a great woman who always keeps her head up high to achieve the best !
You are a woman of courage,dignity , respect and honour..
You are one who values herself and is ever ready to defend what she believes in, you are one who will never give up on her dreams,regardless of any challenge ….
Your generosity is second to none ❤ you are loved my lady 🙇‍♂️

Hauwa Usman Ummi Arshbah Poem


On an aisle uncertain have I treaded,
On a route to no harbour have I headed,
Dangling with sorrow and bawl on a route thorn coated,
Catalyzed with clout of things untrue

In a hostile world with bruise and inimical of throe,
Roving about on the path to nothingness,
Engulfed with predicament of future yet uncertain,
Like a prey for predator to savour wholely.

Oppressed in all without a fight,
All I have is to no avail,
Nothingness, sophistry and illusion have I lived to unleash,
Wandering in wildness and flowing in its passion like a free water.

Stretching and plying for things untrue,
Craving to be fulfilled by the custody of them,
Assured of peace in them alone,
Ignorant of glittering things and liking them all to gold.

Must the path emerge be so rough and treacherous?
Should fate be so restless and unsafe upon all it connotes?
Could hope suffice in such darkness?
Despite suffering like a child wandering in lightness night

When all paths and plains seem unsure,
When all road seems cut off,
When all strengths are deemed to fail,
When all I am drown in emptiness

Courage and hope is all I’ve got,
Courage to try one more time;
Hoping for dry branches to bring forth fruits;

Bello AbdulRahman Poem

A riptide of adornment drown
At the woman she became
Beautiful imperfection
Natasha was her name

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A brain coupled with beauty to behold
In her charming smile lies stories untold
Stories of agony and ululation
Stories of distress and sterilization

Through her words many souls received its nurture
A living representation of zero fear
A high resilient hope for a brighter future
In here eyes it is written so clear

Even when her happiness was tainted
And her beautiful dreams taunted
She prayed for the filthy earth to embrace purity
And a life free from abject poverty

Not the usual Queen Amina of zaria
Behold a tale of Natasha from ebira
For “Natasha” shall a day be written, in the golden pages of history
For thy face shall a day be carved, as the great statue of liberty


Theophilus Audu Poem

“Ageless Rainbow”
(Dedicated to Barrister Natasha H. Akpoti)

For the beauty of your hair
Smile curled on your lips
And eyes hunting down a prey;
My pen was called to worship
Your feet and kiss out beauty
To gleam an imperfect pen.

What’s up with the smile Natasha?
It’s like when the moon finally kisses the sun
An eclipse of beauty!
You got everyone’s attention.

Your face tickles the sun
And light the moon
During the dark
Your beauty scents
Like the sweet fragrance of rose.

The beak of heaven was found on your lips;
And a beautiful path
For the rivers of heaven
Was paired before your nose.

Your body is a sacred temple
Where great kings long to worship
And lay their sacrifices of sweet melodies
Your heart is a reflection of unseen beauty.

African goddess of beauty
Beautiful like Monalisa and Cleopatra combined
Intelligent as Shakespeare
Prettier than the roses of Sharon
Your skin reflects the fertility of African soil.

Enclosed in a mirage
Your beauty is a sun
African seeks to erase dark.
In this pitch of pride
You are the blessed note that echoed out of the flute of beauty.
You’re a top-notch Ma’am!!!

© Theophilus Audu(Theo_Writes) 2020

Hakeem Muhammed Makafan Poem

#_Natasha H Akpoti

Barr. Natasha
The Rainbow of beautiful colours
Shinning so bright
A lovely one I came across
Turning lives with beautiful lights
Everytime the lights shines on us
Our lips breaks into a smile
What a wonderful creature
You are a Blessing to the world
Keep on shinning
Hope gave a headline
But you made it a reality
Life can be so frustrating
But you never gave up, that alone makes me believe in your ability always
Dance to the tune of hope
Walk to the rhythm of hope
You will surely have a beautiful story to tell the world
Hope of a great future that awaits you
Dear Barr. Natasha H Akpoti
Avo Nini ✌️

Mhiz Napheesah Ozioma Poem


show me a handworking chap
and I’ll show you an assiduous woman
whose aspirations and ambitions are for the betterment of humans
with bunches of distress and travails she vows not to cease
she says with God by her side she’ll never quit

her love charms every heart
expecially souls of orphans
she’s a Queen in her own unique way
knowing her well you’d have alot to say

she’s the hope to the most detached mind
whose Future as they think has gone a long mile
she’s indeed the true definition of humility
and words can’t define her agility

the unfiltered pleasure of her smile
tempt most men to yearn
she is well blessed with a mild mind
annoyance and infruation she hates to feign

her teeth are as pure as snow
her soul is the purest silver you’d ever seen
she’s the most glittering gold you’d ever know
at her presence other golds would go on their knees
her beauty is nothing but a reflection of a diamond
her love is as that of love children have for almond

her voice
when she speaks
is a better equaled to a melodious lullaby

her body makes people to neglect their worries
like a precious lullabby it lures their burdens to sleep

she’s a Queen
an immortal capable Crane
an amazing personality right from the onset
an ever loving coquette
the true definition of beauty with brain
that acts beyond her traits

she says she’s for all
indeed she’s for the whole world

more life to you my loyal majesty
you are sincerely the seal of loyalty

Balogun Adinoyi Kenny Poem


The beauty of a woman
isn’t in the clothes she wears,
The figure that she carries,
or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman
must be seen from in her eyes;
Because that’s the doorway to her heart,
the place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman
isn’t in a facial mole;
But true beauty in a woman,
is reflected by her soul.
It’s the caring that she cares to give,
the passion that she shows;
And the beauty of a woman
with passing years only grows.

Caleb Ohinoyi Poem

Title : Natasha H Akpoti

A face of an African woman with a radiant aura of grace, virtue, love attraction and desire.
A picture with a mixture of knowledge, innocence and passion under control.

To the soul with so much beauty
The beauty that lies within oozing out your innermost…
One with a strong maternal instinct
Fierceively protective of her Own with an open heart that nurtures humanity irrespective of the race

To the soul everyone desires
The steadfastness that entices every pious, strengthening every weakness with her innermost righteousness

Straightening every curves
Sharpening every Blunt with her outward statuesque

To a museum Full of art
The poetry every blessed can devour
Beautifying the days with her bliss
Giving out smiles with her goofy acts
Penetrating hearts with so much love

You are a beauty that we appreciate
A soul we all desire, and
A museum full of art.
You are for everybody and for nobody

A rare gem we are lucky to have in this generation.
Dedicated to the Amazon

Ufedo Ojo Poem

There is a woman who always keeps her head up high.
Her eyes sparkle like a bright star in the sky.
She has the stamina, beauty, and courage that one would admire,
Even the love and happiness one inspires.
She is a women that one can always count on,
And a woman that sees no wrong.
Her beauty shines from the inside out,
It flows like a journey down a long route.
Her smile shines beautifully like the sun rising over the horizon,
And her intelligence, wisdom, and hard work are not surprising.
She is a genuinely caring women
Who goes the extra mile to help one in need or broken hearted,
And throughout all of her hard work,
No one ever sees her fall apart.

De Great Mus’Ab Ochika Poem


In the Land of man where the soul of humanity sufers frustration by wicked leadership, where oppressions gain weight against freedom amongst people of same skin and complexion Comes a beautiful woman, a blessing from God, who the free of all rest on her shoulder.

I call her NATASHA OGIGO (Mirror) the one who you look at to correct yourself, a mirror correct all just as Natasha is trying to correct the wrongs in our nation.

Her eyes born like lamp-light,
Her lips glows like morning sun rays,
Her skin shines and glitter like diamond,
Her hair color darkened like a melting magma.
When she steps out the birds sings, the trees Dance, and Humanity shouts Hallelujah.

She is my favorite humanitarian paradigm, she is NATASHA AKPOTI. (FORWARD)

Muhammad B Muhammad thanks for inviting me. Done and let’s hope for vote

Hrm Egwumad Debby Gold Poem

Can we talk of strength without this beauty?
Can we boast of truth without this beauty?
Can we boast of doggedness without this beauty?
Can we ever boast of passion without this beauty?

Indeed, our generation became listed in the sand of time because of you..
A rare born creature whose words sink deep in the hearts of many…


You talked about total revolution,
You talked about a change from the old to the new..

You asked several questions;
Who is oppressed?
Are you changed?
Where is the change?
When is the change?
Who holds the key to our freedom?
Why are we all in chains,when we are labelled free?
Who is dying for us all?
Whose blood will posterity remember?

And then you went further to profer solution;
In our quest /search for change,can we allow the good practice overcome the bad,so that we can move forward and do away with toga(bad name),of religion, ethnicity and class?

This is the total revolution that begins with you and I (Bar NATASHA H AKPOTI)..


Ismaila Odumburu Emmanuel Poem

A hidden potential; obviously clearing plights
A glittery face; whose voice is silently loud
Heard by the deaf and appreciated by even the cripple
She’s a sparkling Jasper
A gift to the troubled tribe
“Akpoti” her adored nomenclature
She succeeded even at the glimpse of the glaring deity
A horror to terror
A line with clear magnitude and path
Very defined and worth reverence
Everyone’s ambition; is this rare gem
She’s a girly son; as her strength could go beyond the given phase
Grow gracious!
Here charge I you, to give the divine a steadfast look

© Ismaila Odumburu Emmanuel

Sanni Adagiri Yaaqub Poem


We have a woman who is courageous, a dogged fighter, and always love to fight to the end.

Her eyes are beautiful and always glittering like precious stones.

Her stamina can be compared with that of one hundred able men combined together… still, she’s so soft at heart.

An adorable and a courageous woman that one would admire wholeheartedly.

She’s so loved and admired by many. She’s humble and simple to the core, despite her beauty and class.

She is a woman that detests troubles so much and preaches peace at all time, despite series of humiliations patted on her.

She’s a woman that sees wrong and trying to make corrections, but was denied the opportunity to do so by the bad system.

Her beauty shines from the inside out, it flows like a journey down a long route.

Her beautiful smile can heal a broken soul instantly 😀

And her doggedness, wisdom, intelligence, hardwork and perseverance are not surprising to many.

She is sincerely loving and a caring woman.

This woman can go to extra length to help one in need or broken hearted.

A strong woman who hardly be seen falling apart.

That beautiful woman is…
Barr Natasha H Akpoti 💖

Ibrahim Suphy King Poem

Natasha H Akpoti: The Gem

I have seen many fishes,
But none is as beautiful as the mandarin fish,
My father once told me something,
That beauty comes in different form,
But Natasha’s beauty is very unique.

Fair skinned with fresh brains,
She talks with power like a royal queen,
Her eyes are purely angelic,
Her thighs speak many languages.

Tall with a crown of dark silky hair,
Smiles that soothe the troubled mind,
White teeth with kissable pink lips,
Only the gods of beauty can say it all.

Natasha, don’t hide your shining sun,
Especially, when I sing of your beauty,
Don’t plug your ears with bad fingers,
For my songs are sweet enough for you,
Dance with your adorned buttocks,
Many women wanted but never had it.

The frog cannot help but jump,
Just as snakes can’t help but crawl,
Your kingdom is wonderfully built,
Let me be your subject in that castle,
Your look is the window I’m trying to open.
You own the shoulder I’m trying to lean unto.

With a hardened and keen interest,
I say your face is like a voluminous book,
I can’t read it all even in a thousand days,
Pass me the torch in the darkened room,
I want your beauty to speak to me.

Keep this face and blooming smiles,
I want them to be my lifetime medicine!
Keep that heart and person of your gems,
I want them to see the way I value you!

© King 👑 Suphy

Otuoze K. E Esther Poem

There is a soul craving for more souls comfortability.
She stood firm in her corridor fighting tiredlessly for her inner most desire.
A soul that maketh not just a generations to be comfortable but a soul that standeth sure in the gap of filling the vacuum of the discomfort of all souls.
A soul that neglected all her pursuit and focus on making a pursuit that will create an enabling comfort for her pursuit later and the larger souls.
Sometimes other souls think she paused her pursuit in creating a comfortable zone for other souls but little did they know that this soul is working tiredlessly to come much stronger with a greater comfortability agenda.
A soul that shineth sure in the dark that even the darkness’s could not comprehend.
A souls that will illuminate other souls in a dark system of doors.
A souls that forget all the distort and corruptible system doors of government and still stands so firm in making other souls a comfortable soul in a well look down country.
I see a new hope rising.
A soul is springing forth with greater lightness to illuminate the dark system doors of government.
A soul not for one but a soul for all no matter your races or culture.
A soul we all hope to see today, tomorrow and forever is that soul Named #Natasha

Ever in life when you got hurt, Don’t think that why to me. You are a chosen one, Anything bad that happens in life, Always leads you to a new path, Or teach you a lesson, You cannot go back in your past, And change everything, But yes you have a choice, To change what is about to happen, And do change it, For yourself and for your good life.

Finally ma’am #Natasha
And this 👇

Keep that spirit going You just have to keep that spirit And wait for the right time to come Things will be better with time Things will get on with light What do you fear today? Of things that happened yesterday Take each day with that smile Stay happy all the way and while Think about all the lovely moments That will surely change your life Do not worry about things That do not matter in life Just stay happy and have that smile!

From myself Otuoze K. E Esther to you ma’am #BarristerNatashaAkpoti my ever beautiful role model..
Remain ever blessed ma’am

Aliyu Isah Poem

A poem by Aliyu Isah;

I dey my own, I see giveaway post.
Eehn, who want to do birthday giveaway?
Lo and behold, Barr. Natasha H. Akpoti.
My mind tell me make I participate.
I participate for the 1st challenge, I win am.
Behold, I won a ticket to #Dreez_Uncagged concert.
2nd challenge don come, I participate for 2nd challenge.
Oh, Village People, omo e’broked my heart.
Now the 3rd challenge, should I, I asked?
Natasha Picture.
She’s not looking at the camera.
She’s looking at the people and the future.
Not ordinary people.
People wey dey find giveaway wey no get voter’s card.
She do oyibo hair.
Diamond earrings.
Oyibo lipstick.
What future is she looking at?
The future of Nigeria.
As the future funny reach.
She come dey look am dey try smile.
But she no con smile.
She say she go select 10 people. 🙅‍♂️
I know say I dey.😤
Fine woman. 🥰
Fine girl. 😘
Ogu’ijova obanyi(Federal Asset). 😋
Onyiami ani’giveaway.
What am I saying.
Ooh, God bless you.
#EndSARSNow 😤

Please no haha, just love wow and care. 🙏

Make una manage am laidat, I’m an engineering student. 😑😤😤😤😑

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List of Courses Offered by University of Calabar (UNICAL)



On this post i will cover the list of undergraduate courses/programmes offered at the University of Calabar (UNICAL Courses).

The University of Calabar (UNICAL)

The University of Calabar (UNICAL)

University of Calabar popularly Known as UNICAL is located in Cross River State Nigeria specifically in Calabar, this Institution is Recognized internationally as one of the best University in Nigeria.

Students always ask of the best schools in Nigeria, but on this post i won’t compare but recommend UNICAL as one of the best schools in Cross River and in Nigeria.

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University of Calabar is recognized by National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria. UNICAL has being fully accredited.

UNICAL Courses and Programmes

  • LAW
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Faculties in University of Calabar (UNICAL)

I will also cover the list of Faculty in UNICAL on this post, follow and always visit Kogi Biography for latest update like when UNICAL pre-degree form will be out, Jamb form, and i will aso educate on how to pay acceptance fee and school fees in University of Calabar.

  • Faculty of Biological Sciences
  • Faculty of Physical Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • faculty of Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Agriculture, forestry and Wildlife Management
  • Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences
  • Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Institute of Oceanography
  • Bassey Andah Institute for African and Asian Studies
  • Graduate School
  • University of Calabar Consultancy Services
  • Faculties of Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Institute of Public Policy and Administration
  • Faculty of Law




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Unical Sug: Director of Information IN Collaboration With Hunters Foundation



Unical Sug: Director of Information

Unical Sug

Unical Director of Information Joseph Egidi in Collaboration With Hunters Foundation to present “a one day campaign against social vices and youth restiveness”.

Social vices are deviant and immoral behaviours such as rape, drug addiction, evil, murder, examination malpractice, thuggery, cultism, kidnapping, admission racketeering and many other moral decadence rising amongst us.

Restiveness on the other hand, is a condition where one is unable to stay still, and unwilling to be controlled; most especially because one feels bored or unsatisfied with the state of affairs. Youth restiveness is therefore a condition in which youths are seemingly uncontrollable because the state of affairs in a nation or society is unsatisfactory.

Social vices and youth restiveness are fast becoming national and global trends. They cut across: ethnic nationalities, races and even religious cleavages. Some of them include
but not limited to examination malpractice, indecent dressing and prostitution, political
thuggery, cultism, drug addiction, targeted assassinations, armed robbery, pipe-line
vandalism, vandalism of electricity installations and cyber crimes.

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These vices are at variance to social norms and values which include beliefs, attitudes, honesty, hard work, customs and traditions, ideals, skills and taboos which a society cherishes and passes on from one generation to another via formal and informal education.

The University of Calabar under the ever agile leadership of Prof Florence Banku Obi; the first female Vice-Chancellor of the institution is taking an intolerable look at these deviant behaviours as necessary apparatuses have been put in place to fish out perpetrators of such behaviours, if any, within the university community and bring them to book.

On the other hand, the distinguished Dean of students, Dr. Tony Enyang; the Ag. Chief Security Officer, SP. Usani Etim Okon(rtd) and the Students’ Union Government(SUG) representatives under the result oriented President, Comr. Ugah James Ugah have been workaholic and assiduous to functions.

As students representatives, we’ve heard most of these vices mentioned above are perpetuated by unscrupulous elements within the university. Therefore, without any equivocation, we’ve decided to launch this campaign to enlighten Nigerian students(Malabites & Malabresses).

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The campaign is scheduled as follows:

Date: Thurs 15th April, 2021

Meeting Point: Main Gate
Time: 10:00 Am

Credit: Joseph Egidi!!!


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Rapper AKA’s fiancé falls to her death in tragic incident in Cape Town



AKA’s fiancé Nelli Tembe dead

Nelli Tembe is dead

Questions trending on Social media, asking if Rapper AKA’s fiancé Nelli Tembe, is dead ? A source reveals to Kogi Biography that Nelli Tembe died in a tragic incident in Cape Town. she allegedly fell to her death from the five-star Pepper club Hotel in Cape Town, on Sunday, April 11, 2021.

Although information was not clearly given about the incident, but the  Western Cape SA Police spokesperson, Captain Fredierick van Wyk, stated that the occurrence is being investigated.

A report stated that,

“Cape Town Central police are investigating an inquest case after an incident at a hotel this morning at about 7.45am on the corners of Loop and Bloem streets, Cape Town CBD, where the body of a 22-year-old woman was found deceased,” he said in a statement. 
Tembe and Forbes’ families also released a statement on Sunday, confirming her death and revealed the rapper has been inconsolable. The couple got engaged in February, 2021.
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