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4 Benefits of Marrying An Ebira or Igala girl



Aloysius Okino

Benefits of Marrying An Ebira or Igala girl: Love is one of the beautiful thing, the Holy Book says that it is not good for a man to be alone, and that a man must leave his father and his mother and will get married to his wife and the two of them will become one.
Benefits of Marrying An Ebira or Igala girl
This Union Called Marriage is revered and it is carefully entered into. A man is always careful to choose the wife he marries, as it is widely believed that 90 per cent of the success or failure of a person depends on the person he or she gets married to in life.
There are however things to know if a man gets married to a girl from the two major tribes in Kogi State. There are inherent benefits of marrying an Ebira girl from Kogi Central and Igala girl from the Kogi East.

Benefits Of Marring An Ebira Girl

One quick advantage to mention about Ebira girls is that it is widely argued that they are extremely beautiful and considered the best when it comes to cooking.

Some Other Advantages may include:

1. She will raise your children with love and teach them her local language

If you marry an Ebira girl, you can be sure that your children would speak the Ebira language whether you like it or not. She would raise the children with love and instill the right values and morals into them.

The Ebira people value their culture a lot and would make sure they pass something from it onto their children- your children.

This means that your children would be able to speak more than one language.

2. Her family members will always visit
There is nothing like total privacy if you marry an Ebira woman. Her family members would always visit and the house will always be full.

This has advantages and disadvantages as you may spend more seeing to their affairs while playing the perfect in-law but you can be sure it would be fun all the way.
This would make your wife happy and more contented.

3. They are very religious

Ebira’s are very religious people and their preferred religion is Muslim and Christianity. Most Ebira girls are brought up in strict religious homes and as such, they have the fear of God and the belief in His supremacy instilled in them.

Even when they leave their parents, they still carry those values with them into their marriage and homes.

So prepare yourself for church every Sunday, and get ready to observe religious holidays and church programmes once married to an Ebira girl, because they hardly compromise on this or convert to other religions.

4. Do Not Cheat on An Ebira Girl if You Still Want to Live
Benefits of Marrying An Ebira or Igala girl

Ebira Girl’s may not kill you physically but be sure that life will be very difficult for you and your mistress if you get caught.

If you want to marry an Ebira girl, then you should know that as subtle and sweet as they are, they could be highly venomous when pushed and taken for granted.

Ebira Girls are not ladies who would fold their hands while you cheat on them. They would confront you and your lover with their findings and would deal with both successfully.

This is a major reason why Ebira top the list of respectful tribes in Kogi State.

Benefits Of Marring An Igala Girl

1. Igala girls are very respectful
Benefits of Marrying An Ebira or Igala girl
The moment a child is born in Igalaland every elder around him or her suddenly becomes his/her parent as he or she is not only restricted to receiving discipline from the biological parent. This has made it very easy to inculcate habits like being respectful in the young child.

Igala girls are brought up to totally give respect to whoever it is due. The Yoruba culture says that when a youngster meets an elder, she must kneel down to greet as a sign of respect.

2. Igala girls are hardworking
Benefits of Marrying An Ebira or Igala girl
A lot of Igala girls grew up with the teachings of self-reliance. This is because at a tender age, they get taught how to do major household chores and how to exceptionally take care of the house, the man of the house and the children.  So, it is safe to call a Igala girl a better “helpmeet”, as she would help with her hardworking, enterprising spirit in shaping your life.
3. Igala girls are highly Intellectual

A high percentage of Igala girls take school and education seriously. This gives them an edge over other ladies from other tribes in Kogi State.

A typical Igala girl would prefer to go to school, get her degrees and certificates before thinking of marriage, which is rare in some tribes in Kogi State. This help them plan their lives well enough; get prepared for the future before jumping into it.

4. Igala girls age gracefully
Because most Igala girls keep themselves before marriage, there are better chances for them to look way younger than their real age. They are ever agile even in old age to tend to their family. Just like fine old wine, Igala girls get stronger as they grow older.

So guys which one do you want? 🤔

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