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The development of our societies is largely dependent on the strength and effectiveness of institutions designed to address the complexity of modernity. The political and economic institutions considered the most powerful of them all have the capacity of deciding the fate of any nation.

Alh. Adamu Musa Jarman Jimeta

It is important to however note that institutions no matter how strong need the input of sound minds to function effectively. Ultimately outside the guidance of visionaries our institutions no matter how strong will be ineffective and useless.

Based on the above practical submission that is rooted in the proven result that our societies can develop and progress only when competent hands pilot the affairs of our institutions that I am patriotically unveiling Alhj. Adamu Musa(Jarman Jimeta) to the good people of Adamawa state, importantly those from the central zone.

Alh. Adamu Musa Jarman Jimeta in company of Amb Sadeeq Babayo Ladan and others.

Alh. Musa Adamu is a businessman whose philanthropic activities are Worthy of commendations. Jarman Jimeta is a man deeply grounded in economics,as a business oriented individual, he understands how to effectively manage and allocate scarce resources.

Jarman Jimeta is a friend of the youth and a grassroot mobilizer. His socialization with the grassroot and the oppressed did open his eyes to the decays in the economic and political systems that can only be corrected through the instrumentality of quality and accountable representation. He understands the plight of the people and he is fit and ready to lead by example.

Alh. Adamu Musa Jarman Jimeta and entourage.

He is young, competent, humble,meek,and a trustworthy individual that can patriotically represent and promote the interest of his people when given the opportunity. Indeed a man that is with his personal resources empowering the people can do better when entrusted with power to initiate or influence policies that can better the lives of the masses.

Alh. Adamu Musa is a detribalised individual that is accommodative, perhaps the reason why he gives assistance without considering the ethnic group or religion of the receiver. He is all that is expected of a good leader. If we desire progress and development encouraging people like Alh. Adamu Musa to run for public offices is a duty.

The central zone is strategic and key to the development of Adamawa state. This is because nature made it so,for that natural advantage to show the people must push people like Alh Adamu Musa into the corridors of power because only then can our institutions work and development, ultimately achieved.

Alh. Adamu Musa Jarman Jimeta flanked by Dawud Umar Modibbo Booth Chokali Jarman Jimeta.

He has all that is needed to take Adamawa state and the central zone to the next level of progress. Jarman Jimeta is built for the daunting task of leadership. Imagine having Alh. Adamu Musa as your governor, senator,rep member,minister or a strategic member in the presidency.

The development he will attract will be unprecedented,the policies he will initiate or support will be people oriented. There is absolutely no way the challenges of backwardness,bad governance and underdevelopment will persist in our societies with competent hands Manning our institutions.

The choice is left for you to make. He is ever ready to serve the people when called upon. He is standing ready holding the banner of positive advancement waiting for your collective and individual supports to lift it high.

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