Am Worried About The Future Of Nigeria’s Democracy, Natasha Akpoti Reacts To Supreme Court Judgement

Basically, I am not surprised, and I am not disappoint but I am saddened and extremely worried – Natasha Akpoti

Further speaking;

I am not surprised in the sense that I have already observed the trend of electoral judgements in the past few months and have seen that they were not based on merit but however they tend to tilt towards the favours of the ruling party which is APC. And why am I saddened and worried? I am worried because the supreme court being the apex, the topmost in the hierachy of courts in Nigeria have actually set back our democracy.

What the supreme court have done in the judgement of my case considering the facts that SDP was not in result sheets; scores were not recorded for my party; predominant violence; intimidation; over voting and a lot of other malpractices that took place, what this judgement has done is that it has actually legalized the non observant of the Electoral Act and the Constitution with regards to elections. And it has as well legalized violence.

We were expecting that institutions like the judiciary, INEC and the police should have put their very best, haven taken into cognisance our experiences over the years.
Natasha Akpoti

That they should have at least made this a litmus test so say that yes in this century we in Nigeria are ready to set a standard for democracy for other countries to follow. But right now I think we’re just a laughing stock. I am extremely worried about the future of country’s democracy.

Akpoti made the reactions while granting interview with Channels tv on the outcome of the supreme court appeals on the November 16, 2019 Kogi Gubernatorial Elections.

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