Bill Gate was the richest man in the whole world but Jeff Bezoz has overtaken him on the drive to their route

Some Years Back,Bill Gate was the richest man in the whole world but Jeff Bezoz has overtaken him on the drive to their route.

Was any of them sleeping? Or did any of them used jazz or magic?

No,none of them was sleeping neither did any of them used jazz to overshadow the other. But the point is just that,the chance of becoming the richest person was swinged out of what destiny has plotted.

“Destiny,” I said,but was Jeff Bezoz waiting for destiny to come to pass while he is still in bed?

This is what most of us don’t know. We do have this mindset of becoming great and thereby we do set strategies on how to make sure we conquer. But one funny thing about all these is the fact that,all the strategies been drawn out ends in our minds.

We do have the zeal to think of how to make it real big but you see,the zeal to act upon what we’ve designed in our minds is still a puzzle that many of us can’t unravel.

Jeff Bezoz was determined to secure a greater dream for himself and he worked hard.

Dear Folks, let’s not misunderstand determination to hard work. You may be determined about certain things but if you don’t stand up to rustle trust me you won’t get anything done. And it’s never an invigorating thing when you have nothing to live for in life.

Your dreams won’t come true if you are always on the bed doing so. Is only prostitutes that will have their dreams achieved on the bed. Don’t just sit back to imagine how heavy Jeff Bezoz money could be. Work on your own self so you don’t die of frustration you’ve generated out of an unnecessary oppression you’ve caused for yourself.

Achieving your dream in life is sweet but if you ain’t ready to resist the pleasure of your comfort zone you are still gonna get fraught in misfortunes.

All you need to do is to work. Don’t waste your time in imagining how heavy someone’s else money could be.

You have your own name to make. You have a legacy to lay,and the only way you can do all these is through hard work.

You don’t sleep or relax like a dead body and expect to make it like the living. Though,you have the ball in your court and I think you know what’s right.

Hadmanton ✍️

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