DO YOU AGREE? 95% Of Ebira Women Date & Marry For Survival, To Eradicate Poverty – Not For Love!

Ebira Women
Dear Ebira woman…
I don’t know how this piece is gonna make you feel.


It is an undeniable fact that almost all Ebira women date and marry for survival, to alleviate themselves and family from poverty and not for love per se. Wife of the Present Adogu of Eganyi is a perfect example among several others.

You know, what I see on social media daily, got me made up my mind that I’m not gonna marry Ebira woman, but a foreigner.

Even if I’m to marry a Ebira girl, she must be one of those in diaspora. But ain’t gonna do that anyway, I will get myself a Ebira girlfriend and wife whether in home or abroad, hopefully, she’s gonna be different.

A typical Ebira woman sees relationship with a man as the only ticket to financial stability. Most of them sees relationship as a job opportunity. They are not really in it for love but for the conveniences.
Reasons why some are being treated like piece of shits by their lover man.

Ebira Women

Most of these Ebira women are NFA members (No Future Ambition). They do not have anything else than sex to offer in a relationship. The graduates among them, are the worse. Those ones have absolutely nothing to contribute. Just a degree holder with zero skills. When you ask them what their plans are in the next few years, they’ll get pissed off.

In fact the mentality of a typical Ebira woman is to graduate from the University, fling the certificate under the bed, get married, have kids, life goes on.

Most of them have this 1000AD mentality that hustle and money making is men’s duty. Theirs is to relax and be taken care of. You be MUMU!😏

In Kogi Central today, you cannot date a girl up to a week, the next thing is billing and responsibilities. How her birthday is at the corner. How she needed urgent 5k. How her brother has been arrested and locked in the police station, needed money for bail. From one problem to another.

I don’t want to stretch this further, because if I do, the people of Okene and some part of Ajaokuta will get dragged into it completely. These are the capital cities of gold diggers in Ebira Land.

I drop pen here for today.

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