DO YOU AGREE? Women Supporting Women Is The Biggest Scam Ever In Ebira Land Kogi State- It Ends On Social Media

Just as Reality TV Star, Dr Theresa rightly said some days ago.

Women supporting women is the biggest scam of our generation. Women will be the first to laugh at fellow woman when things go
wrong. Women will be the ones to body/slut shame a fellow woman.

Women will see their fellow woman in a happy relationship and would want to destroy it at all cost.

Indeed, Women Supporting Women is a big scam of all time.

Personally, I keep more of female friends than fellow men. I’ve studied them like the holy Bible. They don’t like themselves!

You want to know why?

Ebira Women are built in a manner that makes them perceive almost everything as some sort of competition. When they can’t outsmart their fellow in the course of competing, envy nd jealousy sets in.

It’s natural, the competitive nature of ebira women infact all Women, can’t be completely erode.

Ebira Women support and fight for each other only on social media, especially when the fight is between them and a man. Apart from that, nothing else.

Na men help women Na men help women pass. Our love for women is genuine. We support women more our fellow men.

That’s why I don’t take all these social media feminist serious. Feminism in Ebira land / Kogi State? A State that a man will rather stand for a woman to seat?🙄 SMH.

As I was saying, a woman cannot vote for a fellow woman to become governor of Kogi State or senator of a senatorial district or to occupy any vital office. Women secretly hate themselves!

All these Eye Service and gragra ends on social media.

Na me talk am!😏

I drop pen here.

Women Supporting Women Is The Biggest Scam Ever In Ebira Land Kogi State- It Ends On Social Media.


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