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Ebira Igala Food

Ebira food: How Is Apapa Prepared?



Ebira APAPA cuisines are traditional and modern food prepared by Ebira people, it is base on the availability of raw food materials they can farm or provide from other places, in most time Ebira people depends purely on the farm product that they have cultivated, to be used for food preparations.
Ebira people have a meal that is common to most Tao communities called (Apapa).

Ebira Food Apapa

How is Apapa Prepared?

Apapa is a traditional Ebira food made with steamed ground beans and enriched with spices. It is very common to see Apapa (Ebira Moin Moin) served at parties, wedding ceremonies and other festive occasions.  Apapa is usually eaten alone as a meal , but most times it is served with other Ebira foods such as  Fried rice, Boiled white rice and stew, Jollof Rice even abacha an a lot more. I personally enjoy mine with pap and Coke😉
500 G white eyed or brown beans

1 Tatashe (red bell pepper)

1 scotch bonnet pepper(fresh pepper)

2 cooking spoonful Red Oil

1 tbsp concentrated tomato puree(for extra color,optional)

4 Tablespoonful ground Crayfish

2 large Onions bulbs

Eggs OR cooked minced meat  OR Bone

Marrow  OR Corned beef OR deboned smoked OR deboned boiled fish

3 bouillon/stock cubes for Seasoning

Water (as needed)

Before you cook  the Ebira Apapa First soak the beans for about 30 mins and wash it,   If you have a good blender, you can grind the beans at this point, but if not, let the coat-less beans soak in water again for at least 2 hours to soften it further.

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Choose what extra garnishes you want to add to the Apapa ; If it’s eggs, boil the eggs, remove the shells and slice into small pieces, then set aside. If it’s fresh fish, boil the fish,remove bones  and cut into small pieces. If you prefer corned beef or sardines, and If you prefer okro then you can add it as well.
Ebira Apapa

then take it out of the can, and set aside. If you prefer Banana Leaves/ Uma Leaves(Thaumatococcus Daniellii), then wash thoroughly and leave to dry out in a colander/sieve. **Wash the peppers and slice the onions.

Strain the beans, pour it into your blender(do this in batches).  Add the peppers(you can also add thick tomato paste, to give it more color).  Add the onions, crayfish and stock cubes. Add a little water to help the blender work better. Grind the beans until you get a desired soft consistency, without granules or beans lumps.

If you’re using bean flour, mix the flour in a little water to form a thick paste, then pour the paste into a blender,add the peppers,onioncrayfish and stock cubes and blend until smooth.

Ebira Apapa UK
Pour the blended Apapa beans into a wide bowl;Stir and slowly add some water and continue stirring until you get a lighter consistency, but not too watery. Now, add the Red oil, taste for salt and if need be, add a little salt (remember you already added stock cubes, so go easy on the salt).  Mix thoroughly and then take out your greased moi moi containers or moi moi leaves.

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Pour the mixture into each of the containers or Apapa leaf and add your egg or any other garnishes you prefer. Seal or cover the containers and set aside. For Now, line the base of your pot with red paper or the some Apapa leaves;   Pour in some water and set to boil. When the water is boiling, place the sealed Apapa into the pot of boiling water and leave to steam.

As the Apapa starts to cook. Add a little quantity of water from time to time,so that it doesn’t begin to burn underneath.  But be careful not to add to much water as it might get into the Apapa containers and ruin the food by making it watery.

After about 45 minutes, put a knife through the Apapa; if the knife comes out clean, then the Apapa is ready. Note that the cooking time for Apapa depends on the type of container you are using and also on the quantity of Apapa you are cooking (5 pieces of Apapa in a small pot, will definitely cook faster than 30 pieces of Apapa in a large pot).

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If you are in doubt about whether the Apapa is well cooked or not; it is advisable to leave it to cook for about 1 hour (adding some water occasionally). The Apapa tends to cook faster with the foil, nylons and leaves, but takes longer with the plastic bowl.
Ebira Apapa
Now, take out the Apapa from the pot and leave to cool a bit before unwrapping or turning it onto a plate.

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Ebira Igala Food

20 Ebira Foods and Traditional Ebira Soups



Ebira Food

Just like every other ethnic group, The Ebira people have there own local delicacies. Sumptuous and enjoyable, here are some below.

Ebira foods are easy and simple to prepare, here is my list of all known foods eaten by the people of Ebira and of course the ingredients used in making them.

This tribe is one of the three major Kogi tribes, you will learn so much here about all the special Ebira recipes, my favorites and of course a detailed guide on making them, I would try to include videos for complex recipes.
Ebira Food Apapa
I just want to focus more on the foods eaten by different Kogi tribes, I have seen countless numbers of email from foreign women that are married to Ebira men, questions about what to make for dinner if you are married to a Ebira man, “I am married to Ebira man, what do I make for breakfast?” stuff
like that.

I listed the most popular and generally accepted Kogi foods at the very top of our home page and here I just want to focus on what Ebira people (men, women, and children) like to eat. In case you are dating or married to a Ebira man or you are friends with people from Ebira Land, here are some of their favorite recipes

Of course, they would accept almost any deliciously made Ebira foods but a surprise treat would indeed surprise them.

I would go along to list them and then drop a link to the individual pages where you can learn more about individual recipes.
Ebira Apapa UK
I have written a page about all kinds of soups eaten in Ebira Land but I am going to separate them right here, I want to start with different kind of Ebira soups then I will talk about other Ebira recipes at the bottom of the page.

List of Ebira foods

Here are Ebira food for Ebira people.


Okro is another popular Ebira food (soup) is Okro soup. This is actually one of the easiest and cheapest Ebira soup, I remember we used to make a very small pot of okra soup with just about two hundred and fifty Naira (250), more like a one dollar soup.
Ebira Soup

I like to make this soup with fresh fish, it is very delicious. Learn more here about Making Okro Soup

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EPEIZA (Ebira beans soup)

Epeiza is one of the Ebira food served any ceremony or just for the house hold. This food is celebrated among the Ebira people, especially during traditional weddings among the Ebira people. It is made with beans so it is also known as beans soup.

The ingredients needed to prepare Epeiza are; beans, meat or fish, seasoning, salt, pepper, onion and locust beans, palm oil.

How To Prepare Ebira Beans Soup

The beans should be crushed with its coat into flour. A pot should be on fire, water is added and to be allowed to boil for 15 minutes then meat or fish, seasoning, onion, pepper is added consecutively to the water.

The mixture should be allowed to boil for about 20minutes, thereafter, the beans flour is added to the boiling stock and allows to cook properly together. Epeiza is served along with pounded yam, fofo (cassava ball), eba and other solid food.

EBATU (garden egg soup)

Another Ebira food served in various Ebira homes is the EBATU (garden-egg soup). Ebatu soup is made from Garden-egg also known as Eggplant.

How To Prepare Ebira Garden Egg Soup

To prepare Ebatu soup, you need garden-egg, seasoning, salt, pepper, fish or meat, and water. Ebatu soup is consumed with pounded yam, eba, and fofo (cassava ball), amala or any other solid food if course.


Apapa is another food that is consumed among the Ebira people and outsiders. It is actually the most popular Ebira delicacy. It is known by a wide range of people that are not even Ebira.
Ebira Apapa UK
Apapa is like the regular moi-moi, the only difference is that the coat of the beans is not removed when milling for APAPA.

Ingredients added are palm oil, pepper, onion, potash for softening and salt. Others are crayfish, meat, egg and fish(optional).

APAPA is mostly loved by everyone in Ebira land and its highly celebrated by Ebira people. Apapa looks like moi-moi but the color is different and very rich in protein than moi-moi. Also, the coat of the beans is not removed when picking as earlier mentioned.

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Ingredients for Apapa:
Palm oil,
Seasoning cubes
Grounded crayfish


Get the Uma leaf/moi-moi local wrapper leave.
Pick the beans and wash, then soak in water for at least 10 – 15 minutes in order to make it soft.
Blend the beans together with onion and pepper all together.

Pour the blended beans into a bowl and add salt with seasonings then mix together thoroughly. Make sure it is well mixed and smooth
Add palm oil( preferable, you can heat the palm oil little before adding to the blended beans)
Add some Cray fish, mix and add water bit by bit I little quantity till your standard consistency.
Ebira Apapa

Scoop the mixture into the local leaf or moi-moi wrap. Some people use nylon but It is not really encouraged to use that, because it might get burst if overheat. Uma leaf is regarded as the best because it is a traditional food and we need to go in traditional way and uma leaf gives a good flavor to the food. It is also said to be more nutritious and healthy.

But make sure you wash the leaf thoroughly before use, because of the particles in it. Carefully place the wraps in the boiling water, on top of the base make sure the water in the pot is not much when cooking but add water bit by bit in little quantity until it is ready to consume.
Apapa can be eating alone or also consume with pap/custard or garri.


Gorigo (beniseed) is eaten as snacks by the Ebira people, these snacks can be served to guests at traditional marriage, wedding receptions, and naming ceremonies etc, as appetizers or just at home with family.

Gorigo can be grounded into a solution to produce local drinks known as kunu aya, this drink is served chilled. It actually gets spoilt easily with heat.

Gorigo is grounded in powdered form, mixed with corn or, and cassava flour to make solid food to eat soup like egusi, etc.

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Uka is a yam or cassava ball. It is a delicious and special delicacy eaten by the Ebira and Yoruba people. It is made from yam or Cassava Flour, the flour is gotten when a yam or cassava dried and ground into powder form. It is sieved afterwards.

How to Prepare Uka In Ebiraland

Uka is easy to make ; it is prepared by pouring the flour into hot water and stirred continuously until it becomes so fluffy and smooth. Note that the stirring has to be continuous until desired texture is reached.

It can be eaten with any kind of soup of choice.

OVE (Moi Moi Made From Water Yam)

Ove is one Ebira Traditional food that a lot of Ebira youths don’t know about, the reason could be because of the source: Water Yam which is known to Ebiras as Evina is not common anymore, you only see this in some parts of Ebira land.

Ove is commonly consumed by the Ebira people. It is a tasty, mouth-watering Moi-Moi made from water yam and other tasty ingredients such as vegetables, onions, palm oil, pepper, seasoning and salt.

Water yam is known to be very nutritious with vitamins like: calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and copper.

It is also known to contains vitamins C and E which have antioxidant properties. It has also been discovered to slow down ageing process in adults and it also helps to fight diabetes.

To make it extra-ordinarily enjoyable, some crayfish and smoked fish should be added to the whole mixture. Though they are optional.

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