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Ebira Heroes – The Hero In Ebira Land And Culture



Ebira Heroes

The Hero In Ebira Land AND Culture
There is every need to celebrate the potentialities of Ebira Sons and Daughters that have created ICONIC folder in the sands of time as The Real Ebira Heroes.
Ebira Heroes
Hence, bring to you top 10 Ebira Men and Women that have made the Ebira proud of their tribe and have really done a great job in putting the race on the map.

Ebira Heroes and Heroin

Pa Omadivi

Pa Omadivi the first Atta Of Ebira land who hailed from Ogu Clan. A famous Ebira Chief, the father of Iya-Egbe the great and in-law to Pa Otaru Kuroko that begot Alh. Ibrahim Onoruoiza, the Atta II of Ebira.


Ichimiri A great custodian of a night singing masquerade known as Ogugureba-a no nonsense masquerade of note in Ebira.


Obege is the first widely known and strong native Doctor that has no equal in Ebira. One who asked to be buried inside the stone when he dies as part of his prowess for his artistry.


Odimboro A fearless and strong warrior. One who professed that he would not die alone and truly his compound was engulfed by fire at the burial of his corpse with only one survival.

Obojo Osisi

A strong and renowned native doctor that can heal any sickness or disease. He was widely known for the feat in Ebira.


Iya Egbe An influential woman of no equal, trader/merchant and courageous person. The mother of his Royal Highness Alh. Ibrahim Onoruoiza, the Atta of Ebira. She hailed from Ogu clan and a daughter to Pa Omadivi the great.

Alh. Ibrahim Onoruoyiza

Alh. Ibrahim Onoruoyiza the Atta of Ebira, a legendary and foresighted traditional ruler who fought very seriously for the emancipation of his subjects.

A strong and out-spoken member of the first Northern Nigeria House of Chiefs that went to England to campaign for self-rule.

He performed Holy Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina when Islamic religion was yet to be widely accepted in Nigeria. He was a focused, committed and developmentally oriented traditional ruler.

His reign witnessed many developmental infrastructures ranging from roads construction, Establishment of Prison, Waterworks Construction (Pipe Bourne water), Public Cemetery, Schools, Health Facilities e.t.c. He reigned for 38 years.


Osime was the first woman to be known publicly for her prowess as a witchcraft operator.

Kekere Usungwe

Kekere Usungwe A foremost Ebira Ikede Artist. One that first practiced Ikede/Ichekene music to the admiration and likeness of Ebira people.

Pa Momoh Ajagwu

Pa Momoh Ajagwu The custodian of a revered night singing masquerade known as Achewuru Obanyi. He was one and the only philosophical singer of high repute in Ebira.

Isah Danga

ISAH DANGA is Another prolific night singing masquerade custodian known as Okevere.
One who commands the rostrum and exert his prowess while performing. He was generally loved by his admirers for his artistry.


Ovoro Uku The legendary traditional father of Uku otherwise known as Ogori. It was humorously said that he once asked people to be waging their tongues when he eats.


EDO Also the traditional father of Magongo. He was known to be strong and fearless. However, he and his people were believed to be in custody of the severed head of Pa Ovoro which was cut off during war with Ogori resulting into age-long cold severed relationship between Ogori and Magongo people till date.


Umojiri A astute and fearless woman singer of note widely known throughout the length and breath of Ebira for her thought- provoking songs.

Pa Audu Echori Ihima

An Echori festival artist of note. Pa Audu Echori Ihima sings songs of sympathy as lamentation to God for his barrenness.
His songs are full of passions and are loved and admired by women folks throughout Ebira towns and villages.

Hon. Raji Abdallah

Raji Abdallah is the first ever political icon that Ebira nation produced.
A strong member of Zikist Movement and astute believer of democracy and one who fought for self-government for the country.

Alh. AbdulMaleek

Ambassador Alh. AbdulMaleek A fine Diplomat, Handsome, knowledgeable, considerate and humane personality. A devoted Islamic scholar of note and Nigeria’s first High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

He was loved and admired with high respect by everyone. He later became Nigeria’s Ambassador to France. He died so soon when his services to the father land were mostly needed by all and sundry.

Alh. Abdullaziz Atta

Abdullaziz Atta An educationist, a product of the famous Achimota College in Ghana. He was the first blackman to attend Balliol College Oxford, England.

One of the early Nigeria’s public officers that took over from the British Colonialists at the Nigeria’s Independence.

Alh. Abdullaziz Atta held many administrative positions ranging from District Officer to Federal Permanent Secretary of various Ministries before and during the first Military interregnum of the country.

He later became the Secretary to the Federal Military Government under General Yakubu Gowon. A patriot to the core and one who fought for the citing of Ajaokuta Steel and Itakpe Iron Ore Mining Projects having discovered the raw materials in Ebira land.
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