Fake Promises: Ebira Youths Blast Yahaya Bello And His Government Over AjaSteel

After staring through what we are being blessed with in Kogi State, it is so worrisome that the government are not taking Ajaokuta Steel Company serious and yet do nothing about it which can sustain for a life time as a country who only depends on crude oil.

Many December has been promised to kickstart work at the Steel company and today we end another December without such promises coming into reality.

Many of us do not know what we have until we start losing them.


Glances about the trip by Xplorers to the largest Steel Mill in West Africa will make you wondered why nothing is done to achieve something great from the AjaSteel.

If the FGN do not know what we have here; what about the dwellers of the place who can kindly picture it to them and how beneficial it will make Nigeria economy become great again.

The AjaSteel which said to be in existence for four (4) decades yet unfinished after construction began.

Company that would drastically boost the Nigeria Economy and make the country compete with other advanced contries in areas like industrialization, infrastructures and otherwise.

It is also said to supply the Ajaokuta Steel Mill with raw materials and connect it with the world market, a contract which was awarded in 1987 for the construction of Nigeria’s first standard gauge railway, from the iron mines at Itakpe to the steel mill at Ajaokuta and continuing to the Atlantic Ocean at Warri but both projects have been mismanaged.

Still now, three-quarters of the plant have been abandoned, including the large scale equipment and the internal railway.

But why?

Let me tell you what Aja Steel can do if kick to start.
– Unemployment: If AjaSteel Company is revived and kick to start, it will definitely employ close to 200,000 thousand workers which will also turn to create other opportunities to other people in return directly or indirectly.

– Electricity: It will be a major step up in Nigeria Power sector which is said that if AjaSteel is functionable it can also provide electricity to three (3) neighboring states.

– Technology Transfer: This will also aid the transfer of technology which will help promote research institution and its commercial partners as an intrinsic part of the technological innovation process.

-Also help in balance of trade deficit, increased GDP and all kinds of safety specifications, revenue generation through taxes, reduction in balance of trade deficit and so much more that will help boost the Nigeria economy.

It is high time we start dragging our dear statesmen to come help and facilitate or channel our suffering to the government to revive and kick start our dear home Aja Steel.

If we don’t, no one will! (Na we get our thing, na we know how e dey do us).

EbiraXplorers are the first set of youths collectively to took a trip down to the amazing Steel Company and urging the government to come make it work and functionable.

There was excitement in the eyes of those who went on the trip and same as sadness of not been able to revamped as planned by the government.

HE Alhaji Yahaya Bello, you have done many to put smiles on the face of Kogi state citizens and this will be of great if you added this dreams of Ajaokuta Steel company coming back to revival into reality as generations and generations yet to come will never forget and keep your name into their lips.

To excellencies, Senator Dr. Yakubu Oseni, Hon. Joseph Asuku Bello, Hon Ahmed-Tijani Damisa, Prince Abdulkareem Onyekehi and other distinguished, you all can make this happen as a reminder to the Federal Level to make our AjaSteel comeback to life.

To the woman of steel Amazon Natasha H Akpoti, you have been through it and the ends justified the means which they said, don’t give up on the dream of my brothers and sisters by seeing the Ajaokuta steel company come to life as you have always worked tirelessly in achieving the dreams.

To everyone, dear sons and daughters of Ebira, groups and associations, as you also have a role to play in making this dreams of ours come into reality in prayers and physical without only lying on the hopes of failed promises.

They said, the media is the weapon of the people; by this notion we can make it go viral and use our handles till it can come to pass.

Our social media can not only be used as dragging of each other’s pant, canvass support for politicians but as a tool to have a progressive home as we set to call them to do the needful.

If you are a lover of home, you will definitely want this to come into reality as posterity will never forgets and future generations will always remember you all for your doings.

Thanks to Ebira Xplorers for the eye opener👏🏼
Attached are images from AjaSteel Company.

NB: Share till it get to their doorstep.
El Yaseer Black Bilal
31st December, 2020

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