Igala, Igbo, and Yoruba Are Oldest Races in the World — OONI OF IFE

Igala, Igbo, and Yoruba Are Oldest Races in the World — OONI OF IFE

Oldest Races In The World:

“It’s been established scientifically in Harvard school of medicine that the oldest race within the world is Yoruba. Oldest Races In The World The Yoruba, the Igbo, and therefore the refore the refore the Igala are just about the oldest races within the world; and the largest ethnic races in Nigeria indirectly mixed are the Yoruba and the Igbo.
Natasha Akpoti Condoles Family, Igala Kingdom

The Afro-Asians are the Fulani and therefore the Hausa. We’ve done such a lot , although we haven’t given out the official statement.

“What we’ll be doing next is that the mobile museum. it might house the most important artefacts collection which might depict and tell our story as Yoruba.

It’s the primary within the world done by the Black race . it’s noteworthy that they took our artefacts out of Africa; they know the potency of just a couple of of the various that were removed . Our story is hinged on divinity and humanity.

We’ve had three dynasties of a cycle spanning several many thousands of years, and that i am the 53rd king of the third dynasty, although people don’t wish to mention the primary two dynasties.

“It is because the primary has got to do with spirituality and divinity. They were humans in spirit form.

The second dynasty witnessed super-humans until the transition to humans. But the spirit of our ancestors from the primary dynasty still lives in us. Once we finished the programme, we’ll let the planet know that the existence of the Yoruba race predates the other race.

What we’ve achieved is that the research about telling every race has emerged across the whole Black race . Every soul overlooked of Africa.

“All those divinities are real and potent, they don’t die. So for various races to be practising this stuff , it shows what’s called the lifetime of perpetuity of the divinity world. Spirits don’t die.

History Of The Attahs Of Igala Kingdom
Abrahamic religion – basically Islam and Christianity, all came from the lineage of Abraham. We believe the spirit of our ancestors, as a result, Yoruba has the potency of the divinities, as for that, it’s survived over 400 years of slave traffic and it’s still alive. They’ve tried to destroy it, no way.

the planet couldn’t and it’s because spirits don’t die, and that’s why it’s practised everywhere the planet .

it might still grow and I’m positive about it because it’s the oldest in terms of serving God. For us, God created all the divinities for Yoruba people. It’s alive and may never die.

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