His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello as the executive governor of Kogi State continuously meeting the goals off the state. He always adapts to changes and works comfortably, while ensuring that he maintains a positive attitude. He also has ability to work exceptionally well to ensure he meets and exceed the expectations of the good people of the state.

His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello has always meets the yearnings of the folks of the state in his top governing role. He adapts to the ever changing atmospheres and has the ability to work under pressures because the people’s demands are so high, expecting him to do magics and turn things around overnight. He also demonstrates sufficient communication and leadership skills and love to completes governing tasks and required responsibilities without being deterred.

He has equally displayed executive knowhow on revamping the economic situation of the state upon assuming office.

However, we as Kogite should try and look at things from his own professional perspective and position because he is a competent governor.
“There is an adage in Igala language that goes thus “He who wears the Crown knows how heavy it is on his own head”.

Needless to say, in his position as the Executive governor of the state, His Excellency Adoza Bello has tried hard to remain positive and most times channeled pressure that come with leadership with urgent deadlines when it comes to the peoples needs to avoid working under a lot of pressure… For his performance review is filled with that of a man en-builed with leadership intellects, rights on time, apt and quite exceptional to the core.

The governor of Kogi State Adoza Bello’s
administration is working days and nights to ensure the dividend of democracy is spread across every corner of the state to avoid segregations. Albeit’ the oppositions in their usual tricks and manners would work hard to prove the opposite which if critically viewed from the frank perspective are all political move to (PHD)

Having such an amazing think tank [GYB] in our team and midst as Kogites, all we have to do is to work on a ladder that he will use to climb to the top possible position so that we as Kogites can walk straightforward to the presidential villa without hindrances, don’t get me wrong, understanding this concept is the best way out for all of us as Kogi States citizens. Forget about religious differences, forget about tribal and ethnicity sentiments, forget about political affiliation, let’s embrace the practical truth devoid of nepotism.

Let’s act towards unity in the spirit of brotherhood and the result will be enormous positively. politics can be viewed as a sweet game but what makes it bitter is disunity and lack of brotherhood amongst people in the political arena which may likely result to political bitterness, political hatreds & ethnicity jingoism and the likes. #GYB2PYB shouldn’t be seen as HE Alh. *Yahaya Bello’s* movement, it should be viewed as a race for the entire kogites and north central as a whole, and the Nigerians in at large , united we stand and in division we always fall off.

In tacking this issues of disunity that has bedeviled us:- The moment we start seeing thing from this positive perception, and we unites together and work together in one bonded spirit and team, believe me we shall produce the next president, that is how we can excel and outsmart other states and become number one in the scheme of things as far as Nigeria is concern.
I don’t know who else noticed this:- I glanced through president #Biden of USA’s inaugural speech recently and almost the whole of his statements were centered around unity, its advantages & benefits.

Just look around you, who else can we send on this great errand, who is within the political arena, who is the man of the moment, who is the man to beat, PYB is the man, A true Kogite and Nigerians will nod to this clarion call. Mr. President accept the call to serve your fatherland again and let’s hit the ground running, Kogites and Nigerians are eagerly waiting for your answer to accept the call to the presidential villa Come 2023 In sha Allah.

Hi Guys Its high time we mount the upper echelon.

We always come peace and we mean serious business!

A.L Mohammed Jr

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