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List Of Tourists Attraction In Kogi State (Lokoja)



Tourists Attraction In Kogi

Tourists Attraction In Kogi
Tourists Attraction In Kogi: Driving down the streets of Kogi State alone is a Tourists Attraction on its own. The bustling spirit that fills the Kogi air, makes Confluence City as it’s often called an ever vigorous environ. However, there are lots more tourist attraction sites to explore especially for those who seek in-depth tourism and fun places to visit in Kogi State.

Kogi State is blessed with lots of tourist attractions (Tourists Attraction In Kogi) from Mount Patti Lokoja to the Lugard Rest House down to the amazing buildings scattered all over Kogi Lokoja.

In the entire world, different countries have their unique features, which is why people would want to visit such places. This unique features can be a source of revenue for the government of the country if they are interesting enough for people to want to pay to see these things.

For example Dubai has a lot of nice and fantastic places, Dubai interestingly, was built from scratch it was a desert before it was eventually turned into one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Today, many people visit there and some dream to visit there sometime.

Greece is known for its beautiful blue water and gorgeous Rocky environment. These feature is a tourist attraction and it fetches money for the government of the place and therefore facilitates the development and growth of the area.

Many other countries have these tourists attractions, be it the museums, the structures like the statue of Liberty in New York, America or the Eiffel tower of Paris in France, the land scape, the markets and trading facilities, the food and many others. These features are what makes this place to be well recognized among people of the world.

Nigeria is not left out of this excitement. In Nigeria tourists attractions include, forest reserves, zoos, structures and statues among many.

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Tourists Attraction In Kogi State

Kogi State being a part of Nigeria and the world have shared in this glory of natural beauty.

Kogi has all you need for an adventurous stay in this coastal city. The following are some of the places you should not miss out while on a tourism visit to Kogi State.


This mountain has been in existence before the creation of Nigeria. Lord Frederick Lugard who was the first Governor-general of Nigeria had his rest house located there.
Tourists Attraction In Kogi
The Mount Patti Hill is a 1503 foot-tall (458 m) mountain and tourist attraction in Lokoja. It is famous for being the place where British journalist and writer Flora Louise Shaw  gave Nigeria it’s name.

The mountain gives an over view of the whole if the state capital Lokoja. During the time of the colonial masters, roads that are still in existence now, were built to allow easy access to the top of the mountain.
Tourists Attraction In Kogi
Mount Patti and the town of Lokoja holds the history of Nigeria so why would people not want to visit and see the beauty it has.


Located at the very top of Mount Patti, is a rest house for the first Governor-general of Nigeria. Lord Frederick Lugard usually went there to rest after the day’s work.

Tourists Attraction In Kogi

Lugard Rest House

His resting Rocky chair is still in view inside the Rest house till date. The place could be called a museum as it displays not just the old chair but the imagery of the Lord Lugard and his rest time.

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The two rivers, Niger and Benue, come from different directions and meet in Lokoja known as the confluence city. This rivers did not just pass through places in Nigeria, they also passed through other countries from different dimensions.
Tourists Attraction In Kogi
The confluence of the two Rivers Niger and Benue is a very popular part of Nigeria’s history not just in Kogi state alone, but Nigeria as a whole. It is a wonder to people in Nigeria and abroad. It is also a form of tourist attraction. It was indeed a wonder to the Europeans on there arrival to the area.

Two different rivers join in harmony to create a beautiful and wonderful atmosphere. This situation, is used to describe the city, it is the reason that the nickname for Kogi state is the Confluence state. The name also implies peace, unity and harmony among the people.


The Ohinoyi of Ebira land is the king and ruler of the Ebira kingdom. The palace of the present ruler, is massive and beautiful. It is considered, one of the biggest palace in West Africa.
Tourists Attraction In Kogi
It is located at the administrative headquarters of the Ebira people (Okene). The size and beauty of the palace attracts visitors. It is considered a tourist attraction.


This is a general Library situated at the state capital, Lokoja. The library has been in existence for long. It is owned by Stella OBASANJO as the name implies.

Many people visit the library to study. Books are also available in the library. It is an old masterpiece that holds its own part of history.

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PRINCESS INIKPI was the only daughter and mostly beloved child to Attah Ayegba Om’ Idoko, the ruler of the Igala kingdom as at the time. She was called Inikpi omafedo baba by the people which means Inikpi the father’s beloved.
Tourists Attraction In Kogi
The Princess Inikpi’s story is indeed one of heroism and bravery. The legend was dreadful but empowering.
Princess Inikpi was known to be a very intelligent, beautiful and kind hearted person.

The Princess sacrificed herself to save the entire Igala Nation. She was buried alive along side some slaves who were believed to help her through her journey in the spirit world. For this great act, the Igala People are forever grateful to her and a statue of her stands at the market square of Idah, the headquarters of the Igala nation.

Tourists Attraction In Kogi

The story is enticing and people yern for more. The statue is cherished and love and people go to see it, as proclaimed by the Igala people.

These and more makes Kogi state unique to other states in Nigeria. One should visit Kogi state to see the beauty and wonder, it holds.

Tourists Attraction In Kogi
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