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Open Letter to Governor Bello on the Murder of Nine (9) Brothers in Adogwu Ajaokuta Within 24hrs



Your Excellency Sir,

I chose this medium for an open letter to respectfully reach out to you, in view of the existential danger presently confronting the peoples of Adogwu, in Ajaokuta LGA of Kogi State.

On Friday, the 5th of February 2021, Nine (9) of my brothers (sons of the soil) went in search of their daily meals, to fish from our pond (river) only to here the news of their massacre.
Nine (9) of my brothers were all murdered in cold blood, under the leadership and sponsorship of Onu Abokor from Idah LG, claiming ownership to our land. The land that five generations of the boys he’s sponsoring parents had lived peacefully with our parents and paid homeage to our fathers as the owners of the land (in Ajaokuta LG) as at when due.

It is no longer news that Nigeria has become an open killing field stalked by ‘Killers’, a roving band of terrorists acknowledged by the Global Terrorism Index as the fourth most dangerous terrorist organisation in the world.

But lucky enough, Kogi State was never experiencing these unfortunate insecurities as a result of your security consiousness and proactive nature.

May I quickly bring to your Knowledge that, the Onyokumi Island (the very spot where my brothers were murdered) in Adogwu Ogodo Ward, Ajaokuta LG is now the Kogi version of Sambisa Forest, where Onyokumi boys under the leadership of Onu Abokor from Idah LG invites Terrorists and Killer Assassins to make life unbearable and meaningless to the people of Adogwu.

The crux of the matter is that, while every community in Nigeria is alive to this danger posed by various bands of terrorists and have openly rejected the penetration projects, these boys from Onyokumi has decided to to join force with Onu Abokor (a self acclaimed traditional leader) to threaten your security efforts, and had boldly invited and comfortably living with these killers in our land, making life a living hell for the inhabitants of the land.

They are been equipped and advanced by their sponsors who currently control the levers of their operation, power and activities from Idah LG (Onu Abokor) and had already suppllied them with various kinds of weapons and ammunition, to by all means nullify your security efforts and claim ownership to our land (Adogwu), the beginning of their mission to claiming Ajaokuta LG.

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The ever conscious and dynamic Chairman of Ajaokuta LG, Hon. Prince Mustapha Aliyu Aka’aba and the Ohi of Ajaokuta, His Royal Highness, Alh. Achuja, have tried all they could to evacuate these killers assassins from our land, all their efforts is proving abortive as these killers are been sponsored by higher power and authorities (possibly from neighboring state through Onu Abokor who’s already claiming ownership to our land).

These evil plot is believed to be coming from those against your government and ambition to jeopardize your security score cards.

Whenever such mayhem is unleashed on our people, the so called Onu Abokor will hide the boys from security operatives and maintained a felonious silence over their forceful occupation and murderous activities within our land… As it stands now, it seems the hands of Ajaokuta LG too are tide or possibly have no enough resources to tackle this daily massacre and bring justice back to our land, hence I bring it to your notice Sir.

Your Execellency Sir, may I also quickly bring to your notice that if urgent attention is not taken to arrest this siege, the situation in this region will be worst than what’s currently happening in the North east and some parts of the core North.

It is possible that the perpetual attack on our people by the so called Onu Abokor and their sponsors is induced by honest ignorance of the dynamics of the activities of these terrorists, and therefore requires some enlightenment by a recourse to some aspects of our history, but I will leave that part of the history for another day.

Dear Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello, in the light of the on-going killings and destructions in many places in our country, which we were proud that Kogi State was exempted, the reverse is gradually becoming the case, as many people in Ajaokuta LG, especially Adogwu are now living in fear…

In most of our rural communities, our farmers especially Fisher men and their families are afraid to do their accustomed work on the farms and ponds. Today in Adogwu, farms, ponds, farmers and their families, are being destroyed and killed daily by these killer assassins.

When pond owners go to sleep in the night these days, they are no longer sure whether their ponds would be there in the morning; whether these killers assassins would have wiped out everything during the night. We are no longer sure whether our villages would be allowed to sleep peacefully through the night, or whether the killer assassins would come in the dark, kill villagers, burn their houses, and attack the women and children, just like they murdered my nine (9) brothers in a single day.

Nobody is sure where and when the sudden attacks would come, or what the magnitude of the killings and devastations would be, if these boys are not arrested and justice melted on them.
The self acclaimed traditional leader from Idah (Onu Abokor) mischeviously succeded in brainwashing and using the boys that works in Ajaokuta LG Secretariat, while some works in the once upon a time primary school in Ajaokuta LG, fish and farm in Ajaokuta LG, to kill and destroy that same LG.


So far, we have recorded uncountable casualties from their murderous activities. For the past four (4) years, not less than 100 people die on yearly basis, as at 5th February 2021, my innocent brothers we also murdered in same vain.

They didn’t just murdered them, some of there corps were butchered into parts and pieces and the worst part of it is that, these killers had the guts to bring the picture of one of my butchered brother to the station, claiming he’s their person that was killed and they were allowed to go scot-free, what a pain and injustice of it’s highest order.

Your Execellency sir, the did has been done, no amount of cry and tears can bring back my brothers, but all I seek for right now is #justice for my brothers.

On the fateful day my brothers were Murdered, one of my brother that escape death was traumatized and unconscious for roughly 15 days. After regaining consciousness, he narrated how over 50 killer assassins has taken over our Island, hiding in the bush and hunting our people that will come for farming and fishing.

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The situation requires desperate attention, Your Excellency Sir. As you very well know, we seriously need to improve on agricultural productivity in this state. To that end, most authorities and leaders of our LG have been trying to encourage our people to return to the land, but how can we return when killing of our brothers on daily basis is becoming the order of the day? Since you became Governor, you have repeatedly contributed your very influential voice to the call for agricultural growth. And you have made it a priority in your policies, plans and programmes.

In many parts of our state, the return to farming is still very slow and very hesitant. And now the killers under the sponsorship of Onu Abokor who is now claiming ownership of Adogwu land, (Ajaokuta LG) has taken over our ponds, fishing and still using the money gotten from this pond to buy more weapons and connection to fight us the more…

I have in the above offered little insight into the threat the ‘killers’ pose to our collective existence.

May I kindly and humbly warn that if proactive steps are not taken now, we might soon find ourselves in ‘dishonourable graves’ and it will be in the book of records that, “there was a local government called Ajaokuta”.
It requires practical action and the time to act is now Your Excellency Sir.
#Justice for Ogejah’s!
#Justice for Adogwu!!
#Justice for Ajaokuta!!!

Thank you for your attention.

From your Loyal Media Influencer.

Prince Donak.
Media Aide to the Executive Chairman, Ajaokuta LG,
Hon. Prince Mustapha Aka’aba.


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