The 15 Best Restaurants in Kogi State (Lokoja)

Best Restaurants in Kogi
Today we’ll be taking a look at the Best Restaurants in Kogi State (Lokoja) that one can go to get quality food in Lokoja, Kogi State Nigeria..

Lokoja happens to be one of the busiest places in Kogi State and at such people will always want to get fast food from time to time.

If you’re reading this, then you must be looking for the best restaurants in Kogi State (Lokoja).

One of the most attractive things about Lokoja is the low cost of food and drinks. A dinner that costs 50k in Abuja will cost 20k in Lokoja. Living in Lokoja Kogi State, we can definitely say that you can find the most amazing meals as well as those that would make you want to throw up in a sock.
Best Restaurants in Kogi
The primary criterion for rating a restaurant is the quality of food, there are other factors asides the food, which makes a restaurant really good. In our list of the ten best restaurants in Lokoja, we would be considering:

The Restaurant’s Address
The costs of food 
The quality of food 
Customer service.
Review From Blogs.

There are lots of beautiful places in Lokoja Kogi State were you can relax and eat good food. These places are what I want to expose to you. Without much ado, let’s cut to the chase.

Best Restaurants in Kogi State

So if you’re new or you’re an oldie looking for some foodie adventure in Kogi State Lokoja, check out these 15 best restaurants in Kogi Lokoja:

Bigg Brother’s Lokoja

Bigg Brothers Lokoja Is a hotel with a nice restaurant. located right opposite the Nigerian Army Barracks Gate in Lokoja, and this makes the place more secured. And it’s located at the city gate, making it accessible for travelers. Bigg Brothers was one of the best restaurants in Kogi for first-timers in the city.

If you are the type that love shawarma and you have been wondering where you can find the best shawarma in Kogi State, the Bigg Brothers Lokoja Restaurant is where you need to be. Bigg Brothers Restaurant arguably has the best shawarma in Lokoja, Kogi State. 

Asides their signature shawarma, Bigg Brothers Restaurant specializes in African, Indian and International cuisine. Bigg Brothers Hotels Restaurant is also well known for their white rice and gizdodo sauce which is a meal to look forward to.

With meals from as low as 1000 Naira ($2) and drinks from 500 Naira ($1), Bigg Brothers Restaurant has something for everyone. You can choose to dress up nicely for a meal at Bigg Brothers Hotels Restaurant and not look overdressed. Bigg Brothers Restaurant boasts of top-notch service, fantastic ambience and ample parking space.

Treasures Lokoja

Treasures Lokoja is very close to the federal university Lokoja. And You can use it as a guide to get back on track if Incase you miss your way.

Bonus: the parking space is spacious, and your vehicle/motorcycle is safe because the restaurant has a gate, and security officers are all available.
Best Restaurants in Kogi
Treasures Lokoja Restaurant is often the first choice for dates in Lokoja Kogi State. The restaurant provides a useful backdrop for a tux and dinner gown date complete with a full meal and a bottle of wine. 

Treasures Lokoja restaurant is famous for its Chinese and Indian meals as well as its signature pizza which are all surprisingly affordable and pocket-friendly. Asides Amazing food, Treasures Lokoja Restaurant also boasts of friendly staff and top-notch customer service; they always live you satisfied. 

Treasures meals start from 1500 Naira ($4), and you can definitely get something good to eat even while on a budget. They also make arrangements for people with special diets and offer a wide range of vegan options. 

Edgedrive Lokoja

Edgedrive is a hotel in Lokoja Kogi State with a well-conditioned restaurant inside. It’s close to the Kogi State Government House, GRA, Lokoja – an area with the best restaurants in Kogi. Edgedrive is well secured and calm. There is 24 hours power supply, powering the air conditions throughout the day, also lighting the restaurant.

When you think of Edgedrive Restaurant, you should think of good food. Edgedrive Restaurant remains an underground jewel in the large city of Lokoja Kogi State, but if you know, you do know. 

Edgedrive serves a wide variety of local and international cuisine with prices from as low as 2000 Naira ($5). The restaurant’s interior speaks class and gives you dress up vibes. Its spacious interior, wooden furniture, great ambience all add to its serene environment. 

On the other hand, Edgedrive provides very little parking space, and you would need to opt for taking a can instead of driving when you do visit.


Fragrant Spice Lokoja

Fragrant Spice offer a variety of foods, ranging from intercontinental to continental. Their intercontinental meals are served enticingly and garnished with various spices, which are unusual for local meals. Their chefs are willing to go further to create new tastes.

Fragrant Spice serves one of the best shawarma in Kogi State. Matter of fact, if you crave original shawarma just like it’s made in Lebanon, Fragrant Spice is your plug. Fragrant Spice specializes in Lebanese, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.

Their menu list is another experience for the taste buds, and the ambience is really relaxed. Not crowded, excellent and fast customer service too. Fragrant Spice prices are also very pocket-friendly, Fragrant Spice is not a wrong place for a little tête-à-tête 😂. 

Almost 24 hours every day, they are always open. Fragrant Spice is located in the city Lokoja and arguably one of the best restaurants in Kogi.

Karomsi Garden Lokoja

Karomsi Garden Lokoja restaurant is located inside a hotel Off Ganaja Junction P.O-Box 306. And the area is in the middle of the confluence city where all the bustling of the nightlife happens. A variety of well-trimmed plants and flowers beautify the whole environment.

Next on our list of the ten best restaurants in Kogi State is Karomsi Garden Lokoja. Amazing décor and freshly made food, Karomsi Garden Lokoja is bound to leave you with memories. With a chilled atmosphere, Karomsi Garden Lokoja is the type of place to host family Sunday brunches. 

Karomsi Garden Lokoja provides for street parking so you might want to be prepared for that. Karomsi Garden Lokoja offers a wide variety of Nigerian and continental meals with prices between 1500 Naira ($4) – 4000 Naira($11) and drinks from as low as 1000 Naira ($2).

Asides the fantastic food, the Karomsi Garden Lokoja staff, are amazing and friendly, willing to ensure that you leave there as satisfied as you can be.

Bluebell Restaurant Lokoja

Bluebell Restaurant Lokoja is a hotel located at Hon. Yusuf Avenue, at Beach Community, Ganaja Ajaokuta Road, Lokoja Kogi State. Close to Barbie Supermarket (1.5 km).

Dining at Bluebell Restaurant Lokoja gives you the same feel dining in Abuja and Okene will. Holding its place as one of the most attractive features of Ventura Mall Bluebell Restaurant Lokoja is the place to dine at.

Boasting of fantastic food, excellent customer service, ample parking space, and a classic vintage ambience, Bluebell Restaurant Lokoja seduces you.

Highly recommended for quick lunch breaks, family lunch or a quick snack while waiting for your movie to start at FilmHouse Cinemas upstairs.  Meals at Bluebell Restaurant Lokoja range from 1000 Naira ($2) to 3500 Naira ($9) and drinks from 1000 Naira ($2). Oh! Their waiters also serve on hoverboards which makes for a memorable experience.

The Gruve Anyigba

The Gruve Anyigba restaurant is in one of the serene areas of Kogi State University. It’s one of the best places to have a meal in Anyigba KOGI STATE, not only for aesthetics, but also for their delicious meals and drinks, it’s served with a large chunk of chicken – what you may not get from other restaurants.

The Gruve Anyigba is really a paradise for sweet-tooths. Also Specializing in French and Filipino pastries, The Gruve Anyigba is your one-stop for anything pastry.

The Gruve Anyigba offer food, snacks, ice cream, and their signature cakes and bread all for affordable prices from 500 Naira ($1)while their drinks start from 300 ($0.65) Naira. One visit to The Gruve Anyigba is not enough as their excellent food and customer service would leave you coming back for more.
The Gruve Anyigba is the Best Restaurant In Anyigba Kogi State.

Angie’s Place Lokoja

Angie’s Place Lokoja is one of the oldest and most consistent restaurants in Kogi State (Lokoja), Angie’s Place Lokoja is encompassing, containing a club, a bar and a swimming pool area. The ambience is lovely and conducive for family hangouts, Located at Aliu Attah Road Township/ G.R.A Lokoja Kogi State,  

Angie’s Place Lokoja offers a wide array of Lebanese dishes on its menu; there are not enough stars to rate the meals at Angie’s Place Lokoja with. Its staff provides superb customer service leaving you with an experience you would soon not forget. Angie’s Place Lokoja is highly recommended for a luncheon with friends or just to chill over a couple of drinks while waiting to see a movie at the mall.

Skye-Bridge Lokoja

Skye-Bridge Lokoja is a hotel with an exotic onsite restaurant located opposite 500 units Estate, Ganaja Ajaokuta Road before UEC Church, Lokoja Kogi State.

Skye-Bridge Lokoja is a fantastic place to go for a date with your crush, and you’d swoon her off her feet. They have amazingly affordable drinks, good food and snacks, and an excellent ambience. 

Skye-Bridge Lokoja boasts of an exquisite dining space and serves delicious oriental meals adapted for Nigerian taste buds. The food is fantastic and worth every Naira spent, with prices from 3500 Naira ($9). The restaurant provides ample parking space within its serene ambience

Skye-Bridge Lokoja is recommended for lunch, dinner and first dates. You will definitely enjoy your dinner on Thursday night when they have their evening comedy show. 

Our Conclusion

When it comes to choosing a good restaurant to eat at in Kogi State, the main focus is obviously how good the food is. There are, however, other factors that should be considered when eating out. This list of the best restaurants in Kogi includes restaurants guaranteed to leave you coming back for more.

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