The Failing Leaders Of Ajaokuta LGA

Ajaokuta Leaders are set of Autocrats but display democracy and utmost humility before their subject/Followers when vying for a political post, make fake promises to gain their votes and unfortunately, turn their back at Ajaokutans in time of need (such as YESTERDAY’S program organized by AUAPLI&EFN, community and human development in general), finally, begin to execute their hiding agenda with the syndrome of ‘Pull him(Ajaokutans) Down’ so as to wine alone in the rolling chair once he assume office.

They become shallow when it comes to youth progress. What do you expect? When leaders fail to lead themselves;

They fail to comply despite the personalities that constitutes the Association in question, what break my heart the most was they were not captivated even though the event was tagged ‘BUILDING THE YOUTH ACROSS AJAOKUTA’.

They refuse to attend without even considering what it takes to put up such a human transforming program. What a shame.

Leaders without vision will fail. Leaders who lack vision cannot inspire teams, motivate performance, or create sustainable value. they are Leaders but with Poor vision, tunnel vision, vision that is fickle.

Well, thank God for hon. Moses Ado Okino who distinguish himself by sending a representative to at least applaud the promising youths of Ajaokuta and encourage them to do more.

To our monarchs, indeed the youth were impressed by your massive turnout. May Allah continue to guide you all aright. Amin

You can never be a leader until you are ready to serve.

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