The Master’s Third Wife Episode 23

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The Master’s Third Wife Episode 23

By: Faith Lucky

Xander needed some distractions. He’d sent for Anya and was in his room sharpening his sword when she arrived.

She’d paused at the door, taken note of how he worked on the sword and a little scared he wanted to use it on someone. Well, she shouldn’t be surprised, should she? Lord Xander was gradually leaving his human form and was becoming more of a life time fighter; a life time warrior.

“Good evening, My Lord” she greeted with a bow and as expected, got no reply from Xander.

He died even move or look at her until he was done with what he was doing.

“On the bed, Anya” came the usual command and without hesitation, Anya pulled off her clothes and climbed on the bed, laying on her tummy as usual.

A longer time passed before Xander also proceeded in taking off his own clothes and joining her on the bed

Her legs were already apart, but he added more spacings to them and settled in between.

After which, he brought his phãllus closer to her entrance and went deep into her.

“Mmm!” Anya gave a little moan, her eyes going closed in a painfilled- ecstasy.

His organ was so long and went in deep as usual, slided out of her and went in again.

Perhaps, he was a extra rough; he was so rough and acted like he wanted to break her apart. And all Anya could do was moan and grunt.

The bed shook a little roughly with the deep thrusts and after a long while, he reached climax and pulled out of her.

“Get out of my bed, Anya” he ordered after putting on his clothes.
And slowly, Anya left the bed and put on her clothes as well.

But she didn’t leave; not immediately.

“My Lord” she called with a bow. “Is there something you’d want me to do for you?”

The force with which Xander had snapped his head to look at her got her terrified.

His eyes darkened as he took a step closer to her.

“Are you trying to overstep your boundaries, Anya?” His voice was a growl.

“I brought you here, and I pay you to be my sêx slave, my sêx toy. Don’t ever forget that, Anya. That’s the only reason you’re here. And I won’t hesitate to kick you out if you try to do otherwise”.

Anya’s system was already disorganized. Oh! What has she done?

“I’m so sorry, My Lord. Please, forgive me” she bowed her head in fear.

And in an icy tone, Xander’s command came:
“Get out”.

Without hesitation, she bowed and ran out of the room.
Few minutes later and Xander decided to check some of his messages.

He walked to his big table and took a seat. Then, began unfolding the scrolls one after the other.

The first one was a letter from his distant Aunt. The second was a letter from a ruler. And the third was a letter from the chief of his council.

Reading the heading of the letter, he discovered it was about King Moreh – there was a big problem on ground.

King Moreh” his brows arched.
That was Kaylan’s father.

Just then, Axel walked in.

“My Lord” he bowed.
“Sorry to interrupt, but the Royal Physician is requesting to see you”.

Xander was muddled. The royal physician?

“What does he want?” He asked gruffly.
The last he could remember, he’d asked him to work on Kaylan.

“I don’t know, My Lord. Should I tell him you’re busy?”

Xander hesitated a little.

“Let him in” he answered in his deep tone as he returned his gaze to the scroll

But he could hardly get anything from it before the physician entered.

The old man was dressed in the white garment, with a cap that looked like a cone on his head.

“My Lord” he bowed in obeisance.
“Forgive me for interrupting, but I need to pass this information to you”.

Silence was the immediate reply before Xander spoke up.

“What is it, Phill?” He called him by his name and slowly, the old man lifted his head to look at him

“It’s about the princess,. my Lord” he began. “I know you’d send me to her, but she wouldn’t let me touch her. She wouldn’t take treatment”.

Xander went silent again. Then, pulling out a new scroll and unfolding it, he mumbled:

“It’s her choice. Let her be”.

The physician wouldn’t say he was entirely surprised. But he needed him to change his mind anyway.

“My Lord” he made his voice more polite.
“I understand your reason, but Please my Lord, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d really want you to reconsider your decision. I know the princess is stubborn, but she’s under your protection, My Lord and thus, her farther wouldn’t be happy of anything were to happen to her under your watch. It wouldn’t be funny, My Lord. She’s barely been here for a week”. He enthused
With someone like Xander, one needed to be very careful with his words or risk being beheaded.

Xander was silent very a long time before looking up at him.

“So, what do you want me to do, Phil?” He asked. “if she doesn’t want to take treatment, what can I possibly do about it?’

“My Lord… I believe you can talk to her. I believe you can do something. She fears you, My Lord, and with your presence, I believe she’ll take it”. The physician explained.

Another round of silence passed and Xander finally stood up.

“Take me to her” he grunted.
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