Top 5 Best Bars in Lokoja Kogi State

Top 5 Best Bars In Lokoja Kogi
As the capital of the confluence state (Kogi), Lokoja is expected to have a lot of fun places and sites to see, these may include hotels, clubs,bars and so much more. Lokoja Haas not failed to deliver in this aspect Today we will be taking about the Top 5 Best Bars in Lokoja Kogi State.

Below Are The Top 5 Best Bars In Lokoja Kogi State

Top 5 Best Bars In Lokoja Kogi


One of the best bars in Lokoja is crest. A well known and patronized bar, located opposite MISI T shopping mall and restaurant. apart from the normals of a bar, there is also karaoke as implied in the name.

Games such as snooker is available there.
This particular bar has won awards within Lokoja. These awards are:

Most reviewed place in Lokoja at number 9
Top rated bars in Lokoja at number 1
Most reviewed bars in Lokoja at number 2
Top rated places in Lokoja at number 2
Too rated restaurants in Lokoja at number 2
Most reviewed restaurants in Lokoja at number 4


This is one of the best and popular bars and night club in Lokoja. It is located in a well recognized and nice area around GRA, close to the Kogi state government house.
Being in this kind of area make it attractive to most people especially the wealthy people of the town. Golden lounge is known by most residents of Lokoja and even people from outside the town.
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This is another well known place in Kogi state capital Lokoja, vested with clubbing and other fun activities, the people of Lokoja find Lounge 1 exciting to visit, for get together with friends, clubbing, dates or just drinking. With nice drinks, amazing delicacies and soothing music, one is sure to relax and enjoy oneself at Lounge 1.
It is located at phase 1 Lokongoma, a bit behind ostrich bakery and Yisab telecommunications, close to Ganaja junction.


Another amazing place to be in Lokoja is 3Gs. A nice and wide place to contain numerous people with both outdoor and indoor services.
A wide packing lot reserved for customers’ vehicles is located opposite the main compound and let’s not forget the awesome swimming pool.
This place is not just a bar, it also has a children reserved The compound is decorated with natural flowers and in the middle of the compound is a water fountain.
Top 5 Best Bars In Lokoja Kogi State
Though 3Gs is located at 500 housing unit, a place that is far from most places in Lokoja, numerous people still find it exciting to visit there. It is always filled up during celebrations like Christmas, New year Eids, Valentines and even personal birthday celebrations.
A popular and cool place that should be recommended for people to go chill out.


Another very popular and we’ll patronized bar in Lokoja is the NUJ bar. The amazing fact about this bar is that it is not only patronized by youths but a large amount of the old patronize this place too. This not surprising as the bar has been in existence for a very long time. It has existed long before any of the bars mentioned above ever came into existence.

Though it is not all shiny, fancy and attractive, people sure do love the place.
The most served delicacy there is roasted catfish. This roasted catfish is what most people know the place for.

Apart from the main NUJ bar, outside the compound other people have their stands for catfish and small bar shops.
If one goes to the place in the evening, it can be described as a market of bars with drinks food and soothing music.

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Top 5 Best Bars In Lokoja Kogi

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