Top 5 Okene December Concerts And Events You Must Attend

Okene December Concerts
Okene December Concerts: Are you visiting Okene during the festive month of December or will you like to explore the city and take part in as many events as possible this season. There are a number of fun activities and major events lined up for the month of December.

Okene December Concerts And Events featuring major artists to musical festivals that celebrates the entertainment culture and scene in Kogi State, there are a ton of events you and your friends can be a part of this holiday.

Okene December Concerts

To keep you and your loved ones updated about all the fun events happening in Okene this holiday, we at KogiBiography have curated a list of the top concerts and events happening in Okene this December.

Our favourite time of the year is here, not just because it signifies the close of the year but also because it means we can go crazy for OKENE DECEMBER CONCERTS and events.


On the list of events, we have curated our spotlight on concerts and events to go crazy for and attend.

Dreez Uncaged 2020

Dreez Uncaged 2020
King Dreez shall host his first show Dreez Uncaged in Okene with supporting performances from the likes of Yunique Ozi Ori, Jah Jah, Sirgentle, Landy, Tphile, Dirisu Isah and Many Other’s.

Venue: Hilltop Hotel Along Nitel Road Okene Kogi State.
Time: 10Am Prompt (Red Carpet)
12pm Main Events
Date: 26th December 2020
Tickets: Regular 1000 Naira – VIP Table For 4 15,000 Naira.

House Of Ozi Anty 2020

House of Ozi Anty
Ozi Anty Will be hosting his second edition of the House Of Ozi Anty this December with supporting performance from the Like’s of Dirisu Isah, Sirgentle, Tphile, Victor Justified, Yunique, Sharon Sonia, BabaT, MC Paskido and MC Suberu.

Venue: Tafari Hotels And Suites Okene Kogi State
Date: 25th December 2020.
Time: 12pm Prompt.
Tickets: Bronze 1000 Naira, Silver 5000 Naira, Gold 10,000 Naira, Diamond 20,000 Naira.

Flexytunes Survivor’s Plug 2021

Flexytunes Survivor's's
Baba T The CEO of Flexytunes is out with another Edition of the Flexytunes Media Concert Tagged The Survivor’s Plug. Featuring Music, Dance, Comedy, Games and Lots More.

With Supporting Performance From Sirgentle, Jah Jah, Yunique, Fab Sakama, Tphile, Victor Justified, Dirisu Isah, Ozi Anty, Onyi Rehi and many others.

Date: 29th December 2020
Venue: Kings Royal Hotel Checkpoint Okene Kogi State.
Time: 11am Red Carpet (1pm Main Events)
Tickets: Regular 1000 Naira.

Fearless Jamz 2020

Fearless Jamz
Victor Justified The Crooner of Fearless Jamz one of the biggest yearly events in Kogi Central is out with another Edition Tagged Fearless Jamz 5.0 Baller’s Activation Night. Featuring Music, Dance, Comedy and lots more.

With Supporting Performance From Top Ebira Art’s Yunique, Dreez, BabaT, Jah Jah, SoundBoi, Ekelly, Sirgentle, Papee Cheeno, Talisman, Mickey Joe, Rex and Many Other’s.

Date: 27th December 2020
Venue: Afims Hotel Okene Kogi State.
Tickets: Bronze 1000 Naira, Gold 20,000 Naira, Diamond 25,000 Naira, Platinum 40,000 Naira.

EbiraXplorers Road Trip

Ebira Xplorers Present Their 2020 Events Tagged A Trip To AjaSteel (Ajaokuta Steel and Iron Company)

Venue: Zenith Bank Okene Meeting Point
Date: 28th December 2020
Transit Policy: You Must Be On Your EbiraXplorers T-shirt.

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