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Types of Health Insurance In Nigeria 2022



Types of Health Insurance In Nigeria 2022

Health insurance in Nigeria is a type of insurance coverage wherein, an insured can claim payments for his medical and surgical expenses in Nigeria.

Types of Health Insurance In Nigeria

Types of Health Insurance In Nigeria 2022

Insurance : Importance, Types and Benefits In Nigeria 2022

Individual Health Insurance In Nigeria

This policy covers the health expenses and hospitalization expenses of individual in Nigeria who has taken the policy. Premium under this policy is determined as per the age of insured in Nigeria.

Family Health Insurance Plan In Nigeria

Under this policy, an individual in Nigeria can include all the family members against multiple diseases under a single cover. Family health plan offers a fixed sum assured for the family members, which can be availed by all members of the family or by any one individual in the family in Nigeria.

Senior Citizen Health insurance Plan In Nigeria

This policy is designed for the senior citizens or individuals in Nigeria over 60 years of age offering protection from health issues during old age in Nigeria.

Surgery and Critical Illness Insurance Plan In Nigeria

This plan is suitable for the insured in Nigeria that requires treatment against critical illness, such as kidney failure, paralysis, cancer, heart attack etc. As the medical expenses of these treatments are very high, the premium applicable to these types of policies is also high in Nigeria.

Maternity Health Insurance Plan In Nigeria

This policy covers costs, including pre and postnatal care in Nigeria, child delivery expenses of newborn babies in Nigeria. This policy is also covered for the newborn up to a certain period of time as mentioned in the plan in Nigeria. Ambulance costs are also covered.

Personal Accident Plan In Nigeria

This policy covers hospitalization expenses in the event of an accident. Premium amount is depending upon the amount of cover taken in Nigeria.

Unit Linked Health Plan In Nigeria

These plans offer a unique combination of insurance and savings both at the same time. This policy helps in building a corpus which can be used to meet those expenditures which are not covered by the insurance policy.

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