Victor Alewo Adoji Biography (Career, Wife, Net Worth)

Victor Alewo Adoji

Who is Victor Alewo Adoji?

Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji (DVAA) is an indigene of Okura-Aloma in Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi State.

Victor Adoji is a wise leader who value everyone because he knows vividly that success is only achieved with the help of others and believe that genuine appreciation provide encouragement, development, confidence and builds strength.

Born: 29th May, 1971
Education: University of Jos.
Bayero University Kano.
University of Lagos.
American University, USA.
Occupation: Banker, Politician, Businessman
Tribe: Igala.
Party: PDP.
Religion: Christian.
LGA: Ofu Local Government Area Of Kogi State.

Early Life And Education

Victor Alewo Adoji
Victor Alewo Adoji was Born on the 29th May, 1971, to the family of Pa. Adoji in Ofu Local Government Area Of Kogi State.

he attended St Paul’s Primary School Sokoto and Federal Government College Sokoto between 1976-1982 and 1983-1988 respectively for his primary and secondary education.

Victor Adoji studied B.Sc Economics at the University of Jos and has Masters Degree in Business Administration (1999) and MSC Economic in 1999 for Corporate Strategy both from the Bayero University Kano.

His love for education never stopped there as he also holds a Masters‘ Degree in Public and International Affair: (2009) from the University of Lagos.

None contentment of his pursuit in knowledge he enrolled for Political Science. He obtained a PhD Degree from American University, USA.
Victor Alewo Adoji Biography
In his university days, Victor Alewo Adoji was actively involved in student politics at various levels of his academic sojourn; at a point in 1992, he was elected as a Leader of the Students’ Union Government (SUG) of the University of Jos.


Victor Alewo Adoji began his working career with Paterson Zochonis (Nig) Plc as a superintendent from where he moved to as deputy editor, the business section of the Northern based Concern Magazine.
He joined Zenith Bank in year 2000 till date.

Those who must have heard about or know Victor Alewo Adoji also known as DVAA and his contributions to the growth and development of lgala Kingdom will agree that this illustrious lgala Son is one among the most respected iconic faces of lgala personalities.
Victor Alewo Adoji
He’s a member of several Professional and academic bodies in Nigeria and beyond.


Victor Alewo Adoji has won numerous awards over the years in recognition of his meritorious and excellent performance in his services to the public and private sectors of the Nigerian Economy and in his wonderful and selfless services to the needy and the physically challenged people where he has touched lives superfluously


Dr Victor Alewo Adoji is happily married to Helen Enemi Adoji and blessed with wonderful children.

Political Career

In 2019 His aspiration to contest for Kogi East Senatorial District of the state is borne out of his zeal to enhance development in the state.
DVAA is cosmopolitan and well respected man.

Victor Alewo Adoji Contested For The 2019 Kogi East Senatorial Election Under the platform of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) and lost to his rival Jibrin Isah Echocho Of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

He also Contested For The 2019 Kogi Gubernatorial Election but he was not able to get his Party Ticket The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Above all, he has been able to corroborate substantially with the leadership position of late prince Abubakar Audu about “the blessedness of belonging to Igala race which imbues in the Igala man the pride of uniqueness.

The Igala man is unique in courage, blunt in resistance, dogged in achievement, diplomatic in containing challenges, penetrative in acquisition, authoritative in intelligence, ingenious in maneuvering, resilient in commerce, stoical while facing life’s blues, submissive to godly interests, averse to injustice and evil, and advocative in moral.

This is our strength; it is our pride and we owe it to God”
This we have seen in this wonderful gentleman who is always ready to affect his world positively with an air of panache no matter what it takes or whose ox is gored.
Evidently,we’re all political animals with choice amidst
limited available resources at our disposal at one point or the other.
Victor Alewo Adoji
As a political scientist with mastery in strategic political calculus and permutations, the great Adoji has paid his dues through selfless services to our various communities in terms of human capital development and management.


Victor Alewo Adoji is positive toward alleviating the ugly situations in kogi East, a renounced banker of our era who has built himself to be a leading leader through his selfless services to humanity and sacrifices aim at bringing the hardships,oppressed, depressed and unemployment rate to zero level.

Over the years Adoji has been passionate about liberating and restoring human dignity of his people, develop communities and build a strong society.

The powerful message of Adoji to us is concerning hope and possibilities, with lofty track records of achievements and improvements in both public and private sector of our National economy.
Victor Alewo Adoji
We are assiduously and tremendously touched,encouraged and motivated for his good intentions to liberate and reinstate our lost hope in kogi East by representing us at the Senate come 2019.

Victor Alewo Adoji knows our yearnings and aspirations, let’s give him our outmost support for his readiness to carryout the tasks ahead and bring the dividends of democracy to our door steps and safe the downtrodden masses through his kind heart and problem-solving skill.

Victor Alewo Adoji will perfectly deliver good governance, provide qualitative leadership and will exemplify the lapses of the past administration’s and set in a credible and acceptable standard. His daily supplications has been for the betterment of our generations in kogi East and his bleeding heart has been to wipe our tears and save our souls.

In our contemporary world today, this is a kind of a humble man with leadership qualities and skills, we want to safeguard the teeming population from this menace.

Peerless Victor Alewo Adoji has received lots of accolades, recommendation and acknowledgements from groups and associations both home and abroad because of his hardworking, peaceful coexistence, law abiding, intelligence, transparency, honesty, sincerity, integrity, confidence, trustworthy and above all God fearing.

Victor Alewo Adoji is a visionary leader,a person of personalities and integrity who is pursuant to our advocacy for good governance and credible that is crucial for development and modernization of kogi East.

The fact about life is that, good leader are made, not born. If you have the desire and he willpower, you can become an effective leader like DVAA, good leader develop through a never ending processes of self-study, education, training and experience.


Victor Alewo Adoji
Victor Alewo Adoji has special skills to manage and achieve a desired result. He knows how to plan,coordinate, work as a team,organize,motivate, harmonize resources, evaluate his people,strategize and help his people to prosper now and in future all rested on how to move kogi East forward and make our voice heard.

1. Managerial skill: Victor Alewo Adoji is such a blessed man who knows to plan,form teams,take decisions,discipline and motivate others to work tremendously to achieve a set standard goals and put into the best use.

2. Holistic skill: Victor Alewo Adoji has the ability to take a wider and deeper view of issues and make decisions considering all the departments,units and stakeholders to be affected. He’s not a parochial or narrow-minded person neither favouring one person or group over another.

3. Interpersonal skill: Victor Alewo Adoji gives listening ears to his subordinate, empathise, talk politely, criticize with understanding of self control and he is able to relate well with others judiciously.

4. Analytical/ problems solving skill: Victor Alewo Adoji is capable of using his creativities, reasoning and past experiences to identify and solve complex problems affecting us effectively and efficiently.

5. Communication skill: Victor Alewo Adoji can accurately interpret to what others are saying, organize and express their thoughts carefully and bring out the best from others.

6. Personal Management skill: He has the ability to plan and manage multiple assignments and tasks,set priorities and adapt to changing and challenging conditions.

7. He has keen understanding and need for transparent governance.

8. He has means of variably livelihood.

9. He has ability to abide by the rules against personal and group Interest.

10. He has the ability to stand for what is rich, right and honourable.

11. He is patriotic, accountable and a good manager of time.

Victor Alewo Adoji Net Worth

Victor Alewo Adoji Estimated Net Worth is over 500 Million Naira And Still Counting.

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