Water Scarcity In Ebiraland: What ought To Be Done To Remedy The Predicament

Water Scarcity In Ebiraland

Water Scarcity In Ebiraland: What ought To Be Done To Remedy The Predicament

By: Amb. Hassan Adeiza Ozigis.

What Is Water

Water, a substance composed of the chemical elements hydrogen and oxygen and existing in gaseous, liquid, and solid states. It is one of the most plentiful and essential of compounds.

A tasteless and odourless liquid at room temperature, it has the important ability to dissolve many other substances. Indeed, the versatility of water as a solvent is essential to living organisms. Life is believed to have originated in the aqueous solutions of the world’s oceans, and living organisms depend on aqueous solutions, such as blood and digestive juices, for biological processes.

Water also exists on other planets and moons both within and beyond the solar system. In small quantities water appears colourless, but water actually has an intrinsic blue colour caused by slight absorption of light at red wavelengths.

Water, a free gift of nature is a liquid gotten from variable sources as in form of rain water, tap water, steam water, river water, and other several natural and artificial means of getting it for human’s commercial and consumption purposes.

Water is in no doubt the top most needed substance for survival by humans on earth from onset, Water is said to constitute larger part of our earth surface and human body system hence without it the earth tends to seize from functioning and humans/other living beings may go into extinction.

This most important natural liquid is used on daily basis for survival as it is used to Wash, Drink, Bath, Clean, Cook, build, as every other activities of human needs little or high water to be accomplished.

Water Scarcity In Ebiraland

This necessary liquid has from time immemorial being a big thorn in the neck of Ebiraland as it’s availability remains limited and in some places seen by chances and luck just like golds, only few locations in Ebiraland are blessed with clean water while others are even willing to have it unclean as long as they have it to use.

This is a sad situation that our Grandparents, parents, and ourselves have grown to meet and probably handling the same situation over to our upcoming children to bear, if you reside in Ebiraland especially when the dry season shows it’s face, you will be left with no other thought than showing mercies for our Women who must wake as early as 3-4am on daily basis to trek to far places to fetch buckets of water to survive for the day while they must repeat same daily.

Water Scarcity In Ebiraland: Many would go to very far and risky bushes/mountains to fetch waters in low quantity after spending several hours on queue without even a hope of getting the water back home safely, during this tedious journey we have had women and children bitten by snakes, kidnapped, and harmed either on their way going or returning home.

They don’t do it pleasure but they turned it to pleasure since it has become a part of them living to option for them, to be frank, the Poor homes in Ebiraland who cannot access good and drinkable water are much more in percentage than the ones with access to good water.

What has been the efforts of our Leaders widely spread across Federal, State, and Local governments top offices to remedy this huge and not ending trouble?

This message isn’t to tarnish or degrade the effort of any person or government but to say the truth, the efforts in place from time immemorial to end this lingering menace have been done hypocritically only to gain political points with no desire to dare the devil to end it once and for all.

let me give remarkable grades to the the then paramount Ruler of Ebiraland HRM Late Ibrahim Onoruoiza Attah whose foresightedness and wisdom made it possible for the current water works in Ebiraland to sited here making Ebiraland the second place in the whole of Nigeria to own such future ‘endemic’ curing project.

It is also imperative to give a good job medals to a former Governor of the then Kwara State Late Adamu Attach whose tenure saw the need to channel waters to homes in Ebiraland through Pipe borne water and public wells digging in communities (Ikanga Ijova), which served and still serving the people up till this day.

Water Scarcity In Ebiraland
Water Scarcity In Ebiraland

Everything shouldn’t be politicised to gain political scorecards that will last not longer, off all Political Leaders that have dug boreholes across selected places in Ebiraland from after the time of Adamu Attah, which among the said remedy is still functioning except for just a handful that function with no capacity to meet the dire need of the people?

Our have been wallowing in not just mental, leadership, and money poverty, they are also into a ‘No water poverty’ poverty/endemic.

What Must Be Done

The needful must he done, our Leaders all know the truth and what ought to be done and when to do them but have deliberately collaborated put the lives of the people they lead at stake, they stay in shell for four years until when election approaches before they run out to start commissioning boreholes sunk by them.

A borehole not deep enough to get to the point where water is largely deposited, gain cheap praises with it, gain political offices, and if the project lasts longer it will span for one year then stop functioning, our Leaders and well to do Individuals (at home and in diaspora) should see it as a responsibility that they must bring to life.

They should work massively on the Okene Water works and the revered Osara Dam, and other laying dead dams to utilize the resources they contain and channel the waters to houses and comminities for lasting and viable solution to the hellish water issues in the land, it shouldn’t be a political project again, it should become project for humanity to serve humanity,

An individual in Political power should pull down the resources at his disposal to put down water at the reach of his people, the State Government should should make it mandatory for all his Appointees and top Office Holders under his government to have at least 2 rightly functioning boreholes at the areas they come from on yearly basis,

if for example 3 Political Appointees from a single Ward were given this mandate at the onset of the administration instead of them lavishing the common patrimony on things with no direct or indirect benefit to the people, a ward by now would have gotten at least 36 functioning and easy to operate with potential to last long pipe borne waters and if such was spread across Ebiraland then the needful would be met.

A government in power shouldn’t be determined to enter into all projects at once which at the end none will be completed then at the end of the tenure they become abandoned projects awaiting the incoming tenure who will also dump them to commence his own projects that will also not be completed,

in a four year term, the person in power should be wise enough to divide the tenure into four years, mark projects for every year that must be completed before the year runs out, the first year may be said to be for Water, Road, and Schools Renovations then such path will be worked on made to be completed before bring to book the projects for the coming year till the tenure elapses.

even with such calculations many sectors will be touched and projects will be heavily executed not a situation where on government in determination to make a name beyond itself is flagging off the Construction of roads, houses, waters, schools, hospitals, railways, industries, and others that in the end an excuses of thin resources will be given to abandon them for an incoming that will abandon them for new projects.

There is no need for a government to commence a new project when the existing similar project is not functional or not completed, do not start a fresh project when the ones on ground are just mere structures, always work on completing the abandoned projects, if that is what your tenure can achieve then you will be commended for it then the incoming government will also be laying foundations too, it is out of selfishness and ardent desire to earn ourselves big names and then run to the media to say ‘I started this project, I started that’, when similar project is rusting that plunge us into our current state, this forms why our Steel Industry is still lying dead,

Adamu Attah had linked waters to communities through overhead tanks and water board which many of it are still available but spoilt, recently an overhead tank was discovered at a ‘forest’ in Okene with capacity to hold much water and on researching further it was discovered to be one among the Adamu Attah water projects.

the government of today can pull resources and seek for aids repair the said sleeping projects before thinking of initiating new ones where the need be, desire to embark on lion projects at ones could end up making us have Lion projects with no head and tail, let us continue to build cats projects and soon they will become Lions and Tigers projects.

Well doing non Indigenous persons having businesses in Ebiraland should also be called upon to render their helping hands in the water revolution by having waters dug through their businesses at the places where their businesses are sited and managed for the benefit of such community and as a helping hand to the government.

Well doing individuals with waters dug in their compounds should also be magnanimous enough to channel the waters in their homes to outside the gates for the less privileged in their vicinities to have direct access to.

The water generation could also become a revenue means to the government, if the projects were done timely, the people wouldn’t mind if they are charged some pennies to fetch clean waters at their comfort, the said Money will be used for repairs and digging of new ones where the need may come up.

It is high time we thought in the right direction, water is essential, it’s need is natural and inevitable, let our government and people be prompt at providing long lasting solution to the long coming calamity.

We have no other place to call our father’s lands, here is our home and together we can redeem our people of their plights.

Right to drinkable water at the Citizens comfort should also be enshrined in our constitution.

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