XMAS: Hon. Aka’aba and his Cabinet Preaches Love, Christ-like Lifestyle

The Executive Chairman of Ajaokuta LG, Hon. Prince Mustapha Aliyu Aka’aba, has urged Christians, residents of Ajaokuta, Kogi State and Nigerians in general to ensure they live in peace and harmony in the spirit of Christmas. The Chairman, in a goodwill message made available through his _Chief of Staff_ said that, every resident and indigene of Ajaokuta need to imbibe the lessons of harmonious coexistence to engender development in the local government and Kogi State generally.

According to the Chairman, the essence of the yuletide should not be lost on all, adding that the celebrations should be to the effect that peaceful coexistence is the key driver of development anywhere in the world. “Our society cannot be an exemption,” he stated.

The Chairman further said: _“I want to alert every resident and indigene of Ajaokuta and Kogi State in general, to note that Christmas reminds us, especially Christians, that God gave his Son for our redemption.

I encourage us to reflect on this message of giving as we celebrate with family, friends and loved ones this season. I wish everyone Merry Christmas and a rewarding 2021.”_

A statement on behalf of the Chairman by his Chief of Staff, Hon. Aka’aba Abbas Aka’aba, confirmed that the Chairman asked Ajaokutans to take appropriate notice of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, whose birth is being celebrated at Christmas.

The Chief of Staff also warned against religious bigotry, declaring that only gullible persons use religion to divide the people.

The Vice Chairman, Hon. Salamat M. Salami in a seperate remarks said, _“I would want our people to live in peace and harmony because development only thrives in an environment where peace reigns.

Jesus Christ, whom we are celebrating today came to the world and loved his enemies. He preached peace everywhere he went, his lifestyle is worthy of emulation by our people, especially now that certain forces are seeking to divide our people along religious lines.”_

The Secretary to the LG, Hon. Momoh Audu Ovanebira aslo added that _“I want our people to know that poverty, squalor, and lack knows no religion or ethnicity. If those divisive elements come to you, tell them to find other things to do because our unity would remain our source of strength.

As we look forward to a prosperous 2021, let us all love our neighbours and brothers like ourselves, let us pray that the Almighty would touch the hearts of some persons who take joy in inflicting pains on the hapless common man.”_

Indeed, God urges us to be our brothers’ keeper and the least we are expected to do is to show care, love, and compassion and as we live in peace and harmony, our society would be better for it.

Once again, Happy Christmas and Wishing You a Prosperous New Year.

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