Lokoja Slangs: 30 slangs you Should never used in Lokoja, Kogi State

Lokoja Slangs

Lokoja Slangs: Lokoja is one of the most popular and biggest cities in Kogi State and Also the State Capital.

Located in the North Central, it is the capital of the confluence State, Kogi State.

Living In Lokoja Kogi State

Living in Lokoja has its own perks and downsides. The perks been it is home to most delicious bole and fish while the downside is it is home to some of the dreaded cult groups in Nigeria.
Lokoja Slangs
Some of Those cult groups mainly made up by Vikings, Iceland, Dembam, Dewell, Greenlanders, have unique cult Slangs that are now been associated with Lokoja. You often seen these slangs been used on social media however, if you’re not a cult member, it is strongly advised you don’t use it in Lokoja.

Lokoja Slangs

Here are top Slangs in Lokoja and their meanings in English

1.) Cut put for my body

Cut for my body : means to give one part of something like money.

2.) Shenkes/Bani/Kpalas

Shenkes/Bani/Kpalas: They are used to refer to a girl

3.) Bobo juice

Bobo Juice: A Statement that is a lie or can’t happen

4.) Unit

Unit: It means your house address or location of something.

5.) Lap

Lap: Means To meet someone or go somewhere

6.) Jollof

Jollof: Means to enjoy
Lokoja Slangs
7.) Caprison

Caprison: It means what are you saying or talking

8.) Cap

Cap: It means to talk. Eg, make we cap

9.) Capping careless

Capping Careless: It means you’re talking out of point

10.) Disembark

Disembark means to go back

11.) Manchi

Manchi is Used to describe a close man to a cultist or someone from your cartel.

Lokoja Slangs

12.) Passport

It means to pass. Eg, I go passport your unit

13.) Kabulas/Rubber

It means money

14.) Kapha

It means to use your intelligence

15.) 411

It means the plan. Eg, what is the 411

16.) Chaw

It means food or to eat

17.) Wida

It means what’s up

18.) Who goes

It means who is that.

19.) Who goes you

It means who are you.

20.) Die it

It means to forget the matter or allow the issue to rest.

21.) Jonz

If means you’re being stupid or you dey play with something

22.) Abobi

Used to describe a young male

23.) Hear the odour

It means to observe an area or know what’s going on

23.) Jazz out

It means to leave this place

24.) Chillax

It means to cool down or calm down

25.) I dey H

It means I am hungry

26.) You too dey cap cap

It means you are talking too much

27.) Deck down

It means to sit down

28.) Sea rough

Things are hard

29.) Selina

Selina means jazz or juju

30.) Compass

It means location.

Kogi Cults Slangs: Lokoja Slangs

Note that using these slangs in Lokoja Kogi State might get you in trouble especially when you say it around people who belong to a particular cults group.

So Please Know the meaning so you won’t be confused when someone used it around you.

Hope you enjoyed reading this? We look forward to having your feedbacks below.

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